Bucket List:

Interview a zombie

Buy a llama and take him/her everywhere

Plan each other's funerals in extreme detail

Show up to the NESA Banquet in boxers and tie dye leggings

Matching tattoos

Movie months

Memorize the Narwhale song

Go sky diving

Find book "The sex life of cannibals" and ask the author why

Doctor Who marathon (old and new)

Cliff jumping

Write on Franklin's hand in one fluid motion

Make a Muppet of ourselves

Make homemade ice cream

Walk into a crowded place and scream "We're here. We're queer. Get used to it!"

Piano tradition 2014

Check all books on page 336

Pretend to get a divorce in front of Chloe

Run around the school dressed as a gorilla and a banana

Go surfing with a llama

Dress in hunting attire. Go to local zoo

Freeze Mentos into ice cubes. Put ice cubes in someone's diet coke

Each write a book about our lives and add what we would have done. Then have them published at the same time. Same publisher. Deny them being related to each other's story.

Wear long beards to a crowded place. Sit on the floor or somewhere and play with beards

Slam a revolving door

Sleep under a full moon

Go to Topeka, Kansas. Sing the alphabet on the street at night

Follow the clouds

Do something crazy enough that somebody somewhere puts a sign or law banning it

Dance on a table in middle of class (oh captain my captain ing)

Sun tattoos on feet, always walking on sunshine

Hair, mustache, tape

Bonfire and hot chocolate

Get a female dog, name her karma

Coffee beans in blender

Go to England. Provoke a guard person, run screaming, "The British are coming!"

Jell-O bath.