Funny Things We Say

N/A We continually update, despite the fact that it's in the same document. So if you've read and would like to continue reading the funny things we do often say, please just scroll past what you've read. We'll include markers to let you know where you last read up to. Thanks! - FarFalla

A: "What's up"
B: "The turtle in the sky."
A: "Is it yellow"
B: "Yes."
A: "Sweet"
B: "Are you green?"
A: ""Yes"
B: "I am not."
A: "That's sad"
B: "I am purple."
A: ""That's no longer sad"
B: "I am purple."

B: "Niice."
A: "No, awful"
B: "Well then awful."

B: "We are a close knit community."
A: "Of course you are, you're all felons!"

A: "Your low intellect does not amuse me, it does not entertain me. Now leave and bring me someone else to converse with."

A: *looks at book on shelf* "What's the City of Bones?"
B: "It's a book."
A: "I keep seeing it all over…" *chuckles* "it's a book."

A: *Picks up Red Vine* "Is this your Red Vine?"
B: "Yeah."
A: *Takes bite out of it.*

A: "Your B by the way."
B: "I like the number B."

A: *flops around.* "I'm a fish! I'm a dead fish!"

A: "Oh! It's cold!"
B: "I know. I spit it out. Twice!"
A: "I was talking about the table! What were you talking about?"
B: "… uhh the table?"

B: What's the magic word?
A: Umm….
B: It's edible…
B: No, I mean you're able to eat the word.
A: That's ridiculous. You can't eat a word.


B: You don't know my family! We're hard cord! We eat panda!

Freak: Did you organize the explosives again?
Rat: umm… maybe…

Freak: It didn't fail; it just didn't work out the way you expected it to.

Freak: Don't worry! It won't hurt… I think… On the other hand….!

Rat: I will light you on fire again!
Freak: Don't make me poke you!

Freak: Your shirt is just so pokeable

Rat: Will you hand me my coffee?
Freak: No
Rat: But I'm in caffeine withdraw!
Freak: It's been five minutes!
Rat: *slaps Freak* See! My hands spazing out, caffeine withdraw. Hand me my coffee!

Freak: We should imitate firecrackers!
Rat: *Makes firecracker noice*
Freak: *Makes high pitch noice* BOOM!

Rat: You disappoint me.
Freak: Yes.+

Rat: You can't expect a drunk panda to keep track of his valuables.
Freak: What?

Rat: I wasn't turning to face you, I wanted to use you as a foot rest.

Rat: …One of the cats was trying to eat me again last night…

Rat: …I woke up last night and the cat was licking my hair… I still have a bald spot

Rat: my neighbor hates me, she calls the police on a regular basis.
Freak: why?
Freak: Well for various things. Our grass is too long, the cat's in her house again trying to kill her. You know. Normal neighborly stuff.

Rat: That didn't sound like a firecracker. That sounded like someone shooting a firecracker at someone else.

Freak: I have a bellybutton
Rat: I don't
Freak: So the Goddess… hehe… I just got that.

Rat: See I am on the rare occasion a positive influence on you!
Freak: Yeah… I don't see it happening again.

Rat: I used to be popular, but then I got bored

Freak: Hey the moon kinda looks like there's a face a a face… wait… Rat did you slip me anything?
Rat: umm… wait… wait…

Mom: You're eating that? Gross… There were probably flies on it.
Freak: Mom….!
Rat: I don't taste flies.
Mom: You're saying it tastes good?
Rat: I didn't say THAT.

Rat: Oh! Bells! Did you hear Santa's bells?
Freak: Yes I did.
Rat: *firecracker* Oh! Santa just shot somebody. I guess he was bad…

Freak: Have you seen her eyes? There so pretty!
Rat: Like go get coloured contacts pretty?
Freak: No, like spoon her eyes out and switch them with mine pretty.
Rat: Wow…

Random person: Umm… thanks… I guess? But I'll turn your offer down.
Freak: No. You don't understand. That wasn't a question.
Random person: …

Freak: I don't know where we are
Rat: Maybe we should go back… or not! Lets go see the end

Rat: So apparently at the end of the world there's a hobby lobby…

Freak: I'm not a pillow! I'm a Timelord!
Rat's brother: Best comeback ever…

Rat's Brother: The moon kinda makes it look like theres a bloodstain across the sky…

Freak: So how's school life?
Rat: I can't help but picture ripping out my Algebra teachers eyeballs and sticking her head on a steak to roast.
Rat: It's distracting!

Rat's Brother: You're like water in a world of legos