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The boy pushed me against the elevator as soon as it closed. He pulled my arms to the top of my head then slapped the handcuffs onto them. I wrapped my leg around his waist and pulled him closer till our noses were almost touching.

"Did you really think that you could get away? That we wouldn't find you?" he sneered his voice full of venom.

"Andrew." I said closing the space between us and crushed my mouth against his. He drew back and took a haggard breath.

"Mia?" he asked his tone perplexed.

"It's me Andrew." I said kissing his nose. But how did you get here? Why did they send you here? You're so different, what did you do to your hair?" Andrew held up a lock of my black hair.

"Me? Different? You're the one that's supposed to be dead!" I shouted at him.

"Dead? Who told you that?" he asked.

"The Agency said that you had betrayed us to the Johnson's' and that they had killed you." I replied.

"I didn't betray The Agency to the Johnson's, I am a Johnson." At the intake of my breath he rushed to continue. "Look, when I was thirteen I realized what my father had been doing was wrong so I ran away with a wad of cash. The Agency found me and they knew who I was. They had hoped that they could use me against my father one day so they kept me. Two weeks ago I got a message from my father. He said that if I didn't join him he would kill the thing I loved the most. So I came to him and he made me an agent. So here we are."

"What did he threaten to kill Andrew?" I asked cautiously curious to know what Andrew loved the most.

"You." he said caressing my cheek.

"Oh my god," I whispered just before he kissed me.

"Look," he said breaking away, "the elevator is going to open any minute now. I am going to try and save you but you have to trust me. Do you trust me Mia?"

"I do Andrew." I said looking into his dark brown eyes.

"Bad awful things are about to happen soon but you have to trust me and keep in mind that I love you and I will always be there for you."

I gasped as I realized that he had just said the three most important words to me. My mind struggled to put my thoughts together and return them.

"It's all right love, you don't have to say anything now."

The elevator stopped moving as it hit the thirty fourth floor. Before the door could open Andrew turned my body till it was facing me and my back was to him. He gripped my cuffed hands as the door opened.

A tall black man around six foot three dressed in a dark suit was standing right in front of the elevator door gripping a gun.

"Mr. Johnson is this the spy?" the man asked his voice very low and deep.

"Yes Charles. Take her to the law while I go and get my father."

"Yes sir." Charles replied.

Before I could say a word Andrew released his grip and Charles came up behind me and place the gun on the back of my head.

"Walk." Charles said his voice cold.

My eyes automatically sought Andrew's but all I found was a cold hard glare. Charles pressed the gun into my head. Before we could go too far I stole one last glance at Andrew before Charles pushed me through the door opening.

"Look you don't have to do what Johnson is telling you to do. The agency is willing to take anyone who will repent."

"Move forward Miss." Charles said with no emotion.

The hallway that we were moving through was bathed in dim lights that gave an eerie creepy feel. We walked past three more doors before Charles stopped at a door marked "lab 1". Charles quickly punched in the number code and the door buzzed as it opened. He opened the heavy door and pushed me through. The whole lab was filled with different contraptions and devices that were all beeping and blinking. In the center of the lab stood a medal chair that was nailed to the floor. Four different power boxes were hooked up to the chair giving it a lethal look. At the top of the chair was a circular band that was made to wrap around the person's head. On the arm rests there were cuffs that were meant to contain a person's arms.

Where they going to put me there? I realized that this was true when Charles pulled me toward the chair and began to strap me down. In just a few seconds I had become restrained. Charles bent down and peeled of each of my silver heels that I was wearing from the party. He began to pat my body looking for weapons.

The door buzzed and opened again. Andrew walked in with what looked like an older version of him. The man Mr. Johnson had the same short cropped blonde hair and dark brown hair as Andrew. He like Charles was wearing a dark black suit with a bow tie. But you could still tell the distinct difference between the prices of Johnson and Charles's suit. Johnson was barely an inch taller then his son's six foot frame. Behind them a short man who looked a bit taller than five foot, with dark black hair, and wire rimmed glasses walked at a cautious pace.

"So this is the girl?" Johnson asked Andrew as he walked closer to me. The man in the lab coat, who I'm guessing is the scientist, made his way over to the desk and sat down.

"Yes father." Andrew replied, his voice cold, sharp and meticulous.

"Isn't this the girl that you were infatuated with? The one who's life you saved by joining me?"

"I have no ties with her father. You are the only one that I have total loyalty to."

"And why don't I believe you son?" Johnson was right next to my chair now. He stared into my eyes examining them while he talked to Andrew. "Well I guess you're going to have to prove your loyalty won't you?"

"Of course sir. Anything."

"Anything?" Johnson repeated. He turned his attention back to me now. "Mia Tomas. Daughter of William Tomas who is head of The Agency Originally had brown hair but dyed it to black for operation Johnson. Five foot three, born on January sixteenth nineteen ninety four in Boston. So you should be seventeen now. Mother is unknown. Light skin and green eyes. When you were five you managed to break another boys arm while playing. Your teachers had no idea how you had done it. Sound familiar?"

"How do you know all that?"

"I have my ways dear. David turn on the generators. Now it's time for my son to prove his loyalty."

David, the man in the lab coat, punched a few keys in his computer and the generators on the side of my chair came to life.

"Now son you are going to be teaching this girl who you say you have no feelings for a lesson. Every time I utter go you will pull that lever," he gestured to a bright red lever next to one of the generators, "Miss Tomas will feel a little shock. The shocks will get worse if she doesn't comply."

Andrew moved toward the lever with an unflinching and steady pace. He took his place next to it and put his hand on it.

"Go." Johnson whispered so softly that it barely audible.

Andrew pulled the lever and a current of electricity hit me with a shock. I jumped a little but my restrains kept me in place.

"Now Miss Tomas where is your father? If you tell me I'll make sure that Andrew doesn't inflict too much pain."

"I don't know." I whispered my voice scratchy.

"Liar! Go!" Johnson shouted.

I was prepared for the shock this time but my body thrashed as the voltage was increased.

"Where is your father Mia?" Johnson asked.

"Never!" I screamed.

"Wrong answer! Go!" Johnson shouted at Andrew.

Andrew pulled the lever and electricity flew into my body which shook and jumped against the restraints.

"Are you going to tell me now Miss Tomas?"

"No." I managed weakly.

"Go!" Johnson thundered.

My eyes sought Andrews. I begged him not to pull the lever but he just gave me a cold glare and pulled the red lever down.

As soon as it hit me my body jerked and jumped. My eyes flew upward and I felt as if my heart were racing. Black dots appeared in my vision and I felt my body begin to shut down.

In the blur of things I heard Andrew shout, "Now!' to Charles. Charles took down David while Andrew tackled Jonathan, cuffed him and gagged him with his tie.

Things were getting more and hazier and I found it hard to focus on the things in front of me. I saw Andrew reach my side screaming my name and frantically pulling on my restraints before I passed out.

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