Dedicate to my grandfather.

Not Even Heaven:

You don't know

How much it hurt

To find out that you'd gone.

It was as if

The tears wouldn't come

But they did eventually.

Once the shock wore off

And the truth set in.

It didn't matter when they said

That you were in a better place.

You were gone and heaven

Is far away.

But it hurt the most

To look up at the raining sky

And feel the tears stain my cheeks

Because it was like heaven was crying too.

Now all I have left of you are the memories

That are fading away with time

And one day I may never remember

Anything about you.

Knowing that I can't even begin to describe

How guilty that I feel

Forgetting you over time

When I promised myself I wouldn't.

Sometimes promises are made to be broken

But I just can't bare to break this one.

I'll always love you,