Dedicated to all fallen soldiers.

It's Not My Time:

When you left you were just a young kid,

Wanting to fight.

You picked up your gun and they shipped you

Oversees to fight another mans war.

You had your whole life ahead of you,

Places to go and people to meet.

But you gave it all up

To do your duty.

You were loyal to your country

And even more to your friends

That you fought alongside

Every day and every night.

You weren't afraid,

Not the tiniest bit scared.

I am proud and ready

Is what you had said.

You wrote home

About the horrors you saw.

We cried while reading every letter

You sent,

But we cried the hardest

When the last one came.

The one you'd given to your friend

To send home if you were ever to die.

But the words that hit us hardest

Were the last one's on the page

That read

"If you're reading this I can tell you the last thing I know that

Will go through my head, and it's gonna be;

It's not my time."

You were right my friend,

It wasn't your time.