A poem about Vietnam dedicated to all the soldiers who died there.

Why Did You Have To Go:

Why did you have to go,

You were so young,

So lost,

You didn't want to fight

But you didn't have another choice.

So you went and

You held your head high.

You wrote home a lot

And every time I cried.

I missed you and prayed

That you would come home safe

But my prayers must not have been answered

The right way,

Because now I stand here

By this shiny black wall

Searching for your name

In the midst of them all.

In this moment,

The tears are worse than ever

Because as I touch your name

The memories coming flooding in,

All the dreams that we had

The moments ahead that we'll never get back.

You told me I shouldn't love you when you left for war.

You'll only get hurt, you had said.

But I'm happy I loved you and I know I always will

Because even though you're gone

You're still here in my heart, forever.

Vietnam took the life from you but they can never take

My love for you.