Ally Jones tapped her pen on her science notebook, staring out the window. Could this day really get worse?

It did. She could see her two friends, Charlotte O'Ryan and Jenna Sarrow, making hearts with their fingers, glancing from her to the boy next to her.

Cameron Charleston.

Ally glared at them and tore a piece of paper from her notebook. Her friends understood the message and stopped, but they were still smiling at her.

I knew it was a mistake to tell them, Ally thought, staring out the window again. Why did this happen to her? A crush? On the biggest jerk in her school? Ally was ashamed she had gone as low as that..

On her left, her other friend, Lily MacKentire, was doodling, not bothering to pay attention to their teacher, Dr. Bell.

No. Not Mr. Bell. Ally thought.

"Lily," Ally whispered, poking her friend. She didn't even look up.

"Lily." Still no response.

"Lily!" Ally kicked her in the shins. Lily yelped and dropped her pen.

"Everything okay there, girls?" Dr. Belle asked, glaring at them through his glasses.

"Yes, Dr. Bell," Lily answered, gritting her teeth as she rubbed her leg. When he turned away, Lily glared at Ally. "What?"

Ally shrugged. "Oh, nothing."

"Mom, just go already!" Ally groaned. "I'll be fine."

"Alright. Just watch Spirit, okay? He's been digging up the backyard."

I know. I live here, Ally thought sarcastically as her mom left the driveway.

"WOOOF!" The sound of Spirit startled Ally. Quickly, she rushed towards the glass door and opened it for him. Almost immediately, he ran towards the ground and began to dig.

"Spirit, you know you can't-ow!" Ally suddenly tripped at something sticking from the ground.

"What the heck?" she muttered. She grabbed at the thing and started to tug at it. It was surprisingly soft. Not at all like anything that would trip her.

Finally, taking it out of the ground, she examined it closely.

It was a mask.