There was a moment of silence in the cabin of the ship before everything happened again. There was the sound of the smashing of glass and the screams of the crew, trying to escape their song.

But, unfotunately, as the tale goes, there was no use, for once you'd heard the song, you believed there was no life without it, and as it goes, the opposite is true. Because the song is the equivalent of death, death is the song. And that is what happened to my brother. The song. And if you have yet to get the hint, then what I mean to say is my brother is dead. His name was Ashton.

My father came for me in the dream as he had on the actual crime scene, his sleeping cap still pulled over his head and his night wear drenched along the hem with water."My darling Genevieve, you must pardon my prescence, but we are in siren waters..." I sat up, without my dressing gown, I climbed from the bed." Musn't we gather the other men, father?"

A look of unease passed across her fathers striking features."My darling, your brother..." Said Father before he collapsed to the ground.I climbed to his side and without a word, I turned his body so that his face was looking at me, but the face on my father's body was not his own. It was that of my brother, Ashton's, and the color of red distorted my view of his face. The smell of metal was thick in the air and iit took Genevieve a moment to realize that the color was that of blood. It soaked the hem of her skirts.

Blood and water, soon to become blood, water and tears, which would be the last memory her brother would have of life. And her. And her last memory of him.

And in the dream, he'd died differently than in real life. But the way he died is not important now. Now, the important thing was the Song musn't keep on. The Song needed to stop with murder. But Genevieve didn't hate the song. No,no. She hated the singers, those of the devils brood and in time, there would be nothing left of the wretched creatures, for the next man that was unfortunate enough to be struck be their song would be the last. Genevieve would stop at nothing to avenge her brothers much tragic death and she would stop at nothing to take back her families pride in which the world had once graced her in.