Chapter 1: Shocking News

She stared in disbelief at her parents. They had serious looks on their faces, lines carved into their foreheads. They looked back at her with pleading eyes, begging her to understand their actions.

"But you get along with boys so well, we thought you wouldn't mind," her mother said.

"I don't mind, I just wish you had asked me or at least told me first before deciding this on your own." She replied trying to stay diplomatic about it.

"It's just that we owe the headmaster and the headmaster is worried about that girl,"
"Obviously I'm not important enough to worry about."

"Of course you are darling," her father quickly said, "it's just that we know you can handle yourself."

Alyss got up from the table and told her parents that she was going to pack. Her parents' hard masks fell away and they beamed at her. After she descended the stairs to her basement bedroom, she could hear her parents' whoops of joy. Still, what were her parents thinking? Sending her to an all boys boarding school so that this other girl going there wouldn't be so lonely. Then again it was one of the most prestigious schools in the whole of England and it was a good opportunity. In fact, if it hadn't been a boys only school, Alyss would have applied to go there. Preferably on scholarship. She was going there on scholarship because of her great grades and the fact that not many girls would agree to going to an all boys school. Sure the sluts and all would agree to begin with but then, sooner or later, they would realise how much it sucks to have no girls around for that long time.

She flopped onto her king size bed and stared at her ceiling. Most people thought it was painted black but in fact it was midnight blue, the darkest shade of blue you could find. It was practically black. Alyss sighed and got up and walked over to her closet there she took out her case and opened it. She spent the next hour or so packing weekend clothes, pajamas and swimsuits into it and other things she thought the might need like her laptop and chargers.

Alyss's parents had to go on a business trip the next day and so were not able to see her off to school. Alyss took the bus all the way to the countryside where the boarding school was situated. She slept most of the way, listening to her iPod so that people wouldn't talk to her. She was already in her school uniform which consisted of a semi-pleated black skirt, a white short sleeved shirt with the schools emblem over her breast pocket on the left side of her chest, a black and gold tie with thick stripes going diagonally across and a blazer with the school's logo on it. She had her blazer in her case, her shirt un-tucked, her tie loosened and the top two buttons of her shirt unbuttoned, no one did the top one anyway. Halfway through the trip she opened an eye to take in the people sharing the bus with her. The bus stopped and a handsome boy walked aboard. She recognised the uniform to be the same as hers only had had trousers instead of a skirt. He looked around for a moment then went to sit next to Alyss. She was surprised by his decision, looking around she saw that that was the only empty seat so he wasn't exactly sitting there by choice but it didn't seem like he regretted it either. She rolled her eyes and he checked her out and put her earphone back in and turned the music up.

The bus rolled to a stop near the school. Alyss got up and lugged her case off with her. She stood at the bus stop surveying the sky ahead. It looked like it was going to rain, and soon too. She groaned and started dragging her case after her in the direction of the school. The boy who was on the bus with her didn't bother trying to catch up with her. He just kept shooting her weird looks probably wondering why she was wearing his school's uniform. It was a boys school. When she got there, she dumped her case with the rest of the year 10s and went to the school office like she was instructed by her mother to do the moment she got there. What else was she supposed to do?