I actually wrote this story a few years ago and just found it. I decided to edit a few things to make it more enjoyable but I didn't want to change that much. I hope you like it!

When I woke up, my whole room was cold. I had that feeling again, a shiver down my spine. After my mother's death, I always have been able to detect whenever something bad would happen and I knew something bad would happen soon. I checked my clock. It was 4:13am. It was still dark but the moon was slowly going down. Fifteen minutes, twenty minutes passed by. I just couldn't sleep. Slowly, I got up and pulled myself out of bed. My body ached with protest but I ignored it. Then, I got out my old diary and started writing:

'Dear Diary,

This is me again, Catriste Justwood. It is right now 4:34am and I can't sleep... At night, I always dream about the murderer who killed my mother. What villain would do such a thing? I can't get the scene out of my head; the blood trail; the unusual full moon; my mother's broken body scattered on the grass outside our house near the woods; the police cars... I JUST CAN'T TAKE THIS! You know what? I'm going to go for a walk now to clear my mind. I'll bring my flashlight, you know, just in case... Mornings in the fall aren't always bright in the morning. Even if this sounds silly, it's been a while since I wrote in here and I kinda miss it. Bye for now.

Entry by: Catriste Justwood, thirteen years old'

I sighed and put the diary down. I haven't used it in years. But since my dad made me talk to a psychotherapist, to try and help me recover from my mother's death. The therapist wanted me to express my feelings in my diary. I started putting on my slippers and taking my Barbie flashlight - my mother had given me for my seventh birthday - and silently slipped out of my room. I heard my dad snoring in his room and the owls hooting outside. I gave my dad a silent good-bye and quietly went down the stairs.

Once I opened the door, I felt a gentle breeze on my face. My long light brown hair was dancing with it. I looked at the sky. The sun will come soon, I thought. I was about to start walking when I heard a noise in the bushes. Then I saw my neighbor, Mr. Ground, running to the woods. By the way he rushed, he seemed like he was going for a purpose and not just taking a walk, like me. Cautiously, I followed Mr. Ground into the woods without giving a second thought.

He was wearing a black coat and a brown suit like he was going to work, but surely that was not the case. He worked downtown as a banker and his car was in front of his house. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach, but I pushed the feeling away. Where was he going, I wondered?

When I was a small girl, I explored everywhere. And it wasn't if my parents minded at all. They were both busy, keeping up with recent bills and homeschooling me. I guessed, after my lessons, they let me do whatever I wanted. Our area was quite safe so they weren't over protective over me. I liked how my family worked.

As an only child, I was constantly bored and alone. Before I turned to exploring, my usual pass time was watching TV or writing in my diary. When I gave up my diary, and my parents canceled our cable, I was utterly hopeless. Big holidays didn't mean anything to us either. My parents said they never had any siblings or relatives therefore we had nowhere to go. My dad would stay in his work study all day except for when I get educated. My mom worked as a lawyer. To think about it, I never really knew much about them. I didn't get the chance.

I remembered that day so clearly. I was by my window in my room, bored as usually until something caught my eye. A black cat! I recalled bursting out of the house wanting to follow it. I chased it into town, into alleys, even in people's lawns. Abruptly, the cat turned a corner and was gone. Turning around, I bumped into something. I staggered back and looked up. Back then, I was no more than 3 feet.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Little girl, why do you want to know?" A low voice chuckled.

"Because I'm curious," I replied.

I then heard a loud full hearted laugh. "What's your name little girl?"

"Catriste Justwood,"

The person kneed down and looked into my eyes. "Let me ask you something Catriste Justwood. Have you ever heard of the saying 'curiosity killed the cat'?"

"Curiosity killed the cat," I mumbled seeing how the words felt in my mouth. "What does that mean?"

"It means that sometimes when you get into people's business, you could get into a lot of trouble."

"Trouble? What kind of trouble?"

"The type of trouble you never want to get yourself into," he paused. "Where are your folks Catriste?"

Right on cue, I heard a familiar voice. "Catriste honey, is that you?"

"Mommy!" I yelled and jumped on her. Her face was filled with tears and I wiped them away.

"Don't be sad mommy, I'm right here. I was exploring you see? I found a black cat and I chased after it, but then I lost it. Oh, and I talked to a guy-"

"A guy sweetie? But there is no one in sight!"

I turned around to show her the guy I was talking about but like the cat, he was gone too. "But he was just-"

"I believe you, I believe you. Come on, let's bring you home before daddy calls the police."

After that, I just couldn't stop exploring. Even as a kid, I still felt the excitement of discovering new things and secrets. For a while, my parents refused to let me go out by myself but I wore them down. If I wanted too, I could be very convincing.

Curiosity killed the cat. I would constantly think about what that man said and meant. I didn't want to ask my parents, with the fear of them taking away my privilege of exploring. Throughout my life so far, I actually had been in situations that would, as the man said before, get me into a lot of trouble. Like going onto my house's roof and almost falling off, or stowing away in somebody's car and being driven far away. I ended up safe and sound without much help. When I found myself in this situation – following someone into the woods- I didn't think it was the most dangerous, but maybe the most exciting. Maybe the man was wrong. And besides, my curiosity had never hurt me before, it wouldn't now.

I followed him around for a long time. The sun was three quarters up but the trees blocked most of the light. I was extremely good at keeping quiet and he didn't notice me. Slowly, it seemed like was going nowhere and was about to turn around until he finally stopped and called out, "I'm waiting! You told me to come and I did! Where are you? I have no patience for Hide-and-Seek!"

I - who was hiding behind a tree - was surprised by the new voice. "Hello, Jordin Ground. Thank you for coming. After I sent the request, I thought you were too much of a coward to come."

"You thought wrong!" he snapped "Where is she?"

"Hmph, I suppose... I hear in the news Mary died one week ago. I must say, well done..."

What I was hearing made no sense. My mother's name was Mary. Did her death have something to do with this conversation? I shooed the thought out of my head and kept listening, my exploration turning more interesting.

"She was so annoying you know-"

"Stop changing the subject! I'm only here for one reason!"

I leaned over the tree for a better view. I noticed his face was red with rage.

"Where is my wife? I know you took her. Don't deny it! You took Gabby only because you wanted me to get rid of Mary!"

"Get rid of?" I mouthed to no one in particular. What did that mean?

The other person was a woman with long light brown hair and blue eyes like my own. She had a cat-like grace and a mysterious voice. She was wearing a red coat with a black dress which looked awfully expensive. She kept her hands in her pocket, keeping her face emotionless. Suddenly, she grinned an evil grin and scared me a bit.

"Fine, I did take Gabby, but you won't see her anymore..."

"No... You wouldn't... You didn't…" Mr. Ground's face was pale and filled with pure horror.

"Yes, Jordin, I did. Only because she didn't cooperate well with the plan," she explained.

"You monster! You crazy, stupid bitch! You-" He couldn't finish his sentence.

"Enough!" She said firmly, holding out a gun at his head. "One more time and you're done. Understand?" He gulped, thinking carefully.

"Understand..." He said with hatred in his voice.

"Good boy." She mocked and pocketed the gun in its original place. "As I say again, thank you for killing Mary. My sister was a pain for a long time. I should have claimed our family's fortune, not her. Well now I don't have to worry!" she said cheerfully. "Thanks to you at least,"

"Shay, you killed Gabby! Was that really necessary?" 's voice was dangerously low.

"Yes, yes it was Ground. You know that Gabby was Mary's best friend. It's really pathetic that they promised to tell each other everything, like little kids. If Gabby got away, she would definitely tell the police and I don't want that."

I was completely speechless. I felt my heart turn into ice. He had killed my mother for my mother's sister! My mother's own sister! She lied to me about not having any relatives but that really didn't mean anything to me then. Was it because of that fortune Shay was talking about? Honestly, I thought we were a poor family by the way we lived. It was too much to take at once. I had to get away, to tell my dad, really to tell anyone. I took a step back and by accident, snapped a twig!

"Who was that?" demanded , as he pulled out a knife. "WHO?"

I grimaced by my stupid, stupid mistake and ran for my life.

"Get her!" yelled Shay, pulling out her gun once more. "We can't let her escape!"

I ran and ran, dodging tree branches and rocks. As I went through my explorations, I sometimes had to travel far, so I had gotten use to running long distances. The trick was as simple as keeping a steady pace. Right now, I didn't have time for a steady pace and sprinted. Behind me, I heard rustling leaves behind me and ran harder.

"Help! Help!" I cried, hoping someone would hear me.

No one came.

I stopped for a break, grasping for breath. I must have been sprinting for minutes now.

"Help, anyone! Please help!" I yelled as hard as I could. My energy level was slowly disappearing like sand through my hands.

"Over here, Shay!" someone yelled. It was 's voice! I looked behind me and there he was, running towards me, knife in a ready position.

"Oh, no!" I whispered and started to run again. I had to try to hide. I couldn't run anymore. I was out of breath.

I found a little hole my size inside a tree and thought it was a good hiding place. I crawled in and hugged my knees as I shook. I was terrified. "Please don't find me! Please don't find me! Please, god, don't let them find me!" I whispered. Hoping god would feel pity for me once in my life.

Curiosity killed the cat, curiosity killed the cat, curiosity killed the cat. I ran out of luck and now came the trouble, just like what that man said so long ago. Suddenly, I heard the sound of crushing leaves and the sound of panting. It was them.

"Come out, come out where ever you are...!"

I wanted to scream in fear, scream for the sake of screaming. I was about to, but locked my lips. Screaming would just get me killed. Now I wished I never lived a life so carefree. If I never convinced my parents, I would have never been in this situation.

"She's here Jordin! She's hiding! We will find her, we must..."

"What if w-"

"Shhh, I can hear her breathing, her heartbeat..." Shay trailed off.

I heard whispering and knew Shay knew where I was. I would die, I just knew.

Slowly, I heard footsteps. I closed her eyes and covered them up. A million thoughts came up in my head. If I died, what would happen to my father? Will Shay and be caught? What if I lived?

"Say good-bye, girl," Shay whispered.

The whole world was in slow motion, like god was giving me a chance. I remembered the flashlight in my hand and gripped it tightly. I swung the flashlight as hard as I could and hit Shay's head. Hard. Shay cursed and stumbled backward. He went to help her and I dashed out of the tree and sprinted away. As I ran, I heard Shay screaming. "Get her, you slow bastard! She's getting away!"

I was free! I would live! I could tell the police everything! I guessed my luck came back after all. They wouldn't find me now. I sprinted as fast as I could, my body still filled with adrenaline. I dodged logs, rocks and branches. I felt the wind in my face. After a while, I stopped for a break. It was a dangerous decision but I also counted the fact that I did many sharp turns and probably lost them. I looked around and saw my house in the distance!

Now I was walking.

"I have no need to run," I said to myself. I started to whisper songs to past the time as I cautiously started to walk home.

I heard noises and jumped. I looked behind me. Nothing was there. I turned back around and screamed. He was standing there, knife in hand, glaring his evil glare at me.

"Going somewhere, sweetie?"

He yelled and lunged. It happened so fast, I didn't have time to react, more or least scream. A sharp pain I never felt before ran through me, shocking my mind. He had stabbed me, right in my stomach. I stumbled backwards, breathing heavily as I clenched my wounded spot.

"Why," I murmured, feeling dizzy.

I thought for a moment that his face was filled with sorrow. "It's... I'm sorry Catriste... I just can't be caught," he then dropped the blooded knife. I heard more footsteps, leaves crunching. It must be Shay.

"It's been nice finally meeting you, niece. Too bad we aren't ever going to meet again."

Those were cruel words, and I was about to say something when I gasped in pain.

Suddenly, the whole world became blurry. My eyes couldn't fix my vision anymore, no matter how I willed it too. My knees weakened and I collapsed on the ground, feeling the impact as I feel without anyone to catch me. Red color was everywhere. I realized it was my own blood. Everywhere hurt so much I wanted to explode. I took one more quivering breath. My last thoughts were clear in my mind. Curiosity eventually killed the cat. I was that cat. I should have listened before it was too late. Then all went black...

The End