Time To Let Go:

I didn't want to believe it,

It couldn't be you.

They must mean someone else who has the same name.

No it wasn't you who was dead.

But I knew I was lying to myself,

You were gone forever

And I was still here.

The tears that I cried

Felt so foreign

And the pain I felt so raw

I can't even begin to describe

The way those three words

"Killed in action"

Broke my heart more than others ever could.

For years people told me it was time to move on

But I knew that I couldn't.

It wasn't until I attended a church service,

It was your favorite,

That I knew I was holding on to the memories

Too much,

And I realized that is was

Time to let go,

Because you hadn't really left me

You would always be there, in my heart.