Author's Note: This is a poem about the deployment of a soldier, and being killed in action. Inspired by the song "Foreign Land" by Krista Branch.

Foreign Land:

He left behind is family,

To go fight for his country,

He didn't look back once,

As he boarded that plane,

That would take him far away.

He loved his family,

And he did this for them,

For his brother,

Who had fallen in a foreign land,

Whose body was never uncovered,

And in his place,

Was a letter,

Speaking of his death.

He did this for his family members he never met,

Because they'd fallen fighting just like him,

He did this for the men who given everything,

So he could stand here today,

In full uniform,

Boarding that plane.

He didn't do this for the glory,

Or the honor,

He did it for all the right reasons,

He did it because he believed,

It was meant to be,

And if he died while he was in a foreign land,

He just hoped his family would understand,

That he did this for them,

He was proud to die for them,

He said that they should save their tears,

Because he didn't want them to cry for him,

He wanted them to understand,

You just can't outrun fate.

He wrote home almost everyday,

He told them of everything he'd seen,

That he whished he hadn't,

He told them he was safe,

For now at least,

And not to worry,

Because he'd be fine,

He told them he loved them,

He said he was coming home,


Fate had other plans.

He fell during battle one day,

And his best friend tried to save him,

But he knew it was over,

His last words were,

"Tell them I'm safe now,

Tell them I love them,

And that I'm proud to die,

Protecting my country."

He didn't want to die,

He wasn't afraid,

He just didn't want to die.

He fell in a foreign land,

He died protecting their freedom,

And he wished they'd save their tears,

Because he knew he died loved,

And that was all he ever asked for.