Chapter 12


"I'm nervous," I whispered, biting my fingernails.

"You'll be okay. I'll be right outside the door if you need me," Chris assured me, wheeling me down the hallway. I silently watched doctors and nurses whiz by in a rush to treat their patients. I shifted uncomfortably in the wheelchair as we stopped in front of Brett's room. He bent down next to me and looked into my eyes.

"If you love me, you have to officially end things with this guy," he said. "I can't be with you knowing in the back of my mind that you're still thinking of Brett. I need this assurance, okay? Do it for me."

I nodded quickly. "Okay, wheel me in."

Chris turned the door knob and wheeled me over to Brett's bedside. Brett had stitches on his arms and his right eye was swollen but other than that, he looked fine. It seemed to me that he had fewer injuries than I did. He looked sincerely surprised to see me. Chris gave him a nod and left the room, giving us the respect we deserved.

"Ouch," Brett said when Chris left.


"Your arm," he remarked, motioning towards my cast.

"Oh," I remembered, looking down at my right arm. "Yeah, it hurts like a bitch."

Brett chuckled. "How've you been feeling?"

"Tired…very tired. And sore. How about you?"

"Same. They're releasing me tomorrow morning. There's no reason for me to stay," Brett announced.

"Lucky you," I replied.

Brett nodded. "I see you and Chris have talked," he noted.

"Yeah, about that…" I began. Brett held up his hand to cut me off.

"I know you guys are back together. You and I are done. I get it…it's always been Chris. I'm sorry I even tried, Sophia…I'm truly sorry I even tried to make it work between us. I love you," Brett stammered. "I love you more than life itself. But I get it…there's something about Chris that makes you love him more than me. Okay, maybe I don't get it. No, I don't get it at all. I don't understand. Please don't leave me." By this time, tears were running down Brett's face. "You're the only girl who's ever loved me for me. I don't want this to end. Give me one more chance, Sophia. We can get through this together."

I shook my head rigorously. "Stop it. We're over, Brett. I'm in love with Chris, not you. I'm sorry. I had feelings for you awhile ago…but not now."

Brett bit his lip. "Okay." He sniffled and pinched his nose. "See you around then?"

"See you around then," I repeated. As if on cue, Chris entered the room and grabbed my chair.

"Feel better," he told Brett. Then he wheeled me out of the room. "That guy's persistent."

"Tell me about it," I groaned.

I was released from the hospital a week later. Chris took care of all my needs and for that I was grateful. As soon as he drove me home, I told him I needed to take a shower. He said he'd gladly join me.

I turned the hot water knob while Chris went to the linen closet to grab us some towels. He returned with two white ones and put them on the sink, then pulled his shirt off. It had been a while since I'd seen him without his shirt off and boy had I been missing out! He must've been working out a lot more because he now had a 6 pack and his arms were bigger. He was so beautiful.

I felt self-conscious standing next to him. My hair was a frizzy mess and I hadn't worked out in a while, so my body wasn't what it used to be. But when I slipped off my t-shirt and sweatpants, Chris nodded in approval.

"What?" I asked. It had been awhile since we'd seen each other naked.

"You still have a banging body," Chris answered, grinning.

"Not at all."

"Yeah! You have the perfectly curved waist, huge tits, nicely firm ass…Me likey," he winked. I laughed and shook my head. I stepped into the shower with Chris right behind me. He slid the shower door so the two of us were trapped while steaming water drizzled on us.

Chris grabbed the body wash and a washcloth and started rubbing it on my body. I noticed how nice his body looked with the drops of water on it. It was pretty sexy. After he was done washing me, I washed him. Then he grabbed the shampoo and conditioner and dumped it on my head. I did the same to him. We both rubbed until our hair was enveloped with soap bubbles. Then we rinsed off and were squeaky clean. I wrapped my arms around Chris while he kissed my neck.

"I love you," he whispered, gazing into my eyes.

"I love you too," I replied, realizing how much I wanted to hear those words.

The End