Have you experience laying on the bed of roses? ?

Well me I do

Yes I do lay on the bed of roses

Wanna know how it feels?

Well it sucks

Ok..i over acting

But to tell you honestly

I enjoy laying there

I love laying there

Who would not?

But as time pass by

It's hurting me

Torns hits me


But suddenly Someone pulled me out of that bed

someone pulled me out of that death chamber

then i realize i have to move on

but the one who pulled me lay me in the bed of nails

which is more dangerous

but i find out that..

that bed hide something

it's different

yes it hurts me

but the pain that you feel gone for an instant

i don't know how

but when i knew that there's always someone ready to lay with me there

the wounds that cause by the nails vanished

im happy laying there with a guy beside me that i know will do everything to make me happy

that will never get tired saying that he's lucky to have me