7 HOUSR still awake..i don't know..but I can't get over with that kiss..'s just like the other's so unexpected..

And it's from shone..take note SHONE..

But I feel something with that kiss..i can't explain what it is..but I already felt it..



"so..i guess I see you when I see you.." he said

" the way..thank you for taking me home.."I said with a smile

Yes..adam take me home..coz' my shoe is broken..and he said that maybe I need a company on my way home for not embarrassing myself walking dragging my broken shoe..

He carefully let me down from the piggy back ride position..

" I too heavy?"I asked worrying

"nah..don't mind it.."then he smiled

I smiled back as he sit at the bench next to him

"would you mind?"he said signing me to sit next to him

"no..of course not.."I sat next to him with a couple inch away

I look at my broken shoe..with a dust on it..and I felt a warm thing touch my hand

I glance at my hand and saw adam's hand on top of my hand

I bit my lips preventing my lips to from a smile

"you would'nt mind..right?"he asked out of the blue

"your hand on mine?"

I saw a smile in his face that makes my lips to form a smile too

And that day..february 13..i fell inlove with him..

*end of flashback*

I shook of the thought of adam in my head and look at the clock hanging in the wall of my room 3 am..i still have two hours before my class..i sat at my computer chair and blog about what I feel in that kiss and how it reminds me of adam..

Post tittle:



It's 3 am..and I thought my feeling were gone.. I'm lying on my bed thinking of you again..why do I have to think of you again..i said I will move on..but why can't i?there's something about you that maid me cling so much?is that your addictive smile?,your adorable face?,your irrisitable laugh?..what?i kept asking myself why I like you so much?oh im wrong..let me rephrased it..why I love you so much?..and why you have to hurt me this bad? there something missing in me?..why you have to leave me?..why you have to cheat on me? there something I didn't gave to you?..we promised each other that we will die for each other..but why did you leave me hanging?and why didn't you save me when im dying?dying because of you..because you left me broken..i loved's not loved cause im still in love with you know my dreams for you and me?for both of us..i guess you didn't..cause if you wouldn't leave me right?..i dreamed to spend my whole lifetime with you..have a in a small town like where I in a peace with our happy together even we are on our a life we want to live..kiss you in the pouring at each other..but why you choose her over me?well maybe she got something I don't..but this is all I can say to you..i made a biggest mistake of my life..being in love with you..yes im ot that strong.. Shouldn't have thought that this would last.. And maybe I haven't moved on since that night..tha night that I saw you with eyes are tired.. As my heart begins to shatter..but I have to move on..i must to..i will..i should..i can't..i will just let this pain turns into will never fell in love with someone like you..

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