When was the last time you,
Had a conversation
With the bright full moon?
Or made a wish
On a falling star?
Held hope from a dangling string
Hope, such a delicate thing?

When was the last time you
Got lost in an enchanted wood?
Or were kissed by a prince
Who turned into a frog?
Consulted with a caterpillar?
Or kidnapped a myth?

When was the last time you
Had a visit
From your fairy godmother
Who turned pumpkins into coaches
And wishes
Into wings
That let you soar?

When was the last time you
Cried lost tears
Into the lake of loss and longing?
Sipped inspiration
From the pool of wonders?
Or rose, victorious
Like a phoenix from the ashes?

When was the last time you
Lay your head in the lap of awe
And listened to a song
From a distant shore?

When was the last time you
You feel in love
For no good reason?
Simply for a pure kiss
From a slumber princess?

Now is the time
To leap
Remember your dreams
And the unseen things
Sing with rapture
And dance
Dance like the wild waves
On the night of a full moon
On the beach in the winter?

So when inspiration knocks
Open the door