I have a sickness that lies within

it wriggles throughout my bone,

in order to survive, I have to win.

Innocent de-saturated skin,

eyes like an opal,

I am going to win.

Tender lips so soft to touch,

an overwhelming scent that's too much,

I am going to win.

Sickeningly sweet forbidden smile,

Eve to my Adam,

I am going to win.

Nose elevated at the tip,

button nose, disarming my fading woes,

I am going to win.

Blinding teeth shine a light,

drowns me in optimistic hope for my life,

I am going to win.

I make one last move,

hands linked with mine,

sensation so smooth.

I taste her delight,

womanly aroma saves me from my blight,

I have won.

Decease is postponed,

infection no longer taking hold,

30 years pass and we grow old.

Disaster soon strikes,

time is a vindictive fight

for now everything is smothered with blackened night.

Was 30 years really enough?

I begin to doubt, she begins to shout,

ours days remaining I begin to count.

The downfall now begins,

cancer takes hold within,

did I really win?

I begin to think,

it is surely a shame,

our marriage filled with quarrels, I put little effort into the game.

When the ring eventually went on,

the old days were gone,

a new day had dawned and unrelenting pressures now shone.

Conscience plagued with guilt, I say my goodbyes,

I look into her eyes, I cry,

winning is no longer an option.

She passes into the fade,

now I wish I should have made,

more of an effort to relish in her glaze.

Weeks pass and pain takes hold,

Fate has decided I should fold,

I'm found in my bed, losing a loved one can be so cold.

As I pass into my new life,

she forgives me for my neglectful side,

I realise we are back in our stride.

I'm buried next to her,

forever our twining souls elope,

our love lasts forever, she is hope.

Now although I eventually died,

in the real world, our love and pain did coincide,

I admit, that I could never hide.

However, In this afterlife,

there are no worries on the tide,

there is only everlasting passion... on the other side.