It's the year 2013 and the economy has declined completely. Unemployment is at its worst, England is overpopulated and is in utter devastation. Then the Pope outlaws black and white magic, the second time since 1484. Everyone knows that magic doesn't exist and with the punishment for witches becoming more and more severe, it becomes clear the magic law is only in existence to use woman as scapegoats or is it?

What does this mean for seventeen year old Abi? She has been with Ms. Grisham for two years but fears that she will be pushed from family to family again in the intervening months before she turns eighteen. She doesn't know anything about her parentage and when it becomes clear that she has it all wrong, she is pushed into the inner depths of criminality.

In a time of absolute terror who will be England's saviour? In a trilogy like no other, watch as history repeats itself and the death toll climbs higher and higher, and one girl is set to become England's legendary heroine even though half the country want her dead.