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Chapter 4

Orange lights flicker before my eyes, screaming fills my ears, smoke and ash gathers in my lungs. I try to see through the rising dark fog but see nothing. I try to see the figure that screams in pain but can't see through the grey and bright colours that have inter-mixed.

I try to move my arms, ready to run through the flames but find them trapped behind me. I try to move my body but find myself tied to a wooden stake. I feel heat beginning to penetrate my thin shoes and when I look down I see the fire racing towards me. I realize that it is me screaming and I scream even louder.

"This is what happened to us. This is what will happen to others if you do not save them." An earthly voice whispers over the crackle of the blaze. I begin to sob.

"How? Tell me how!" I scream and wake up to find myself face to face with Ms. Grisham.

"Abi, are you alright?" It takes a few seconds for her question to sink in.

"Yes Auntie." I barely manage to say. I quickly realize that I am shaking and that Ms. Grisham is sitting on the bed next to me, looking concerned. I notice that she is studying me carefully and I try find something interesting abot my quilt. I hear her sigh.

"Tell me about the dream." She says, sounding wary. I remember the conversation that we had had the day before and feel a sudden comfort in confiding in her.

"I was tied to a wooden stake and there was a fire around me." I gulp. "I guess I was being burnt at the stake," I continue weakly. Ms. Grisham places a comforting hand over mine.

"It's all this talk about witches on the news and at college." She says reassuringly. I shake my head, she won't understand. No one will. How do I explain that I know what there is something more to this, something more... sinister. I can't even explain it to myself let alone to anyone else but I have to try.

"This voice... it said that it would happen to others if I don't save them." I watch her face turn white and grips my hand tightly.

"Auntie?" I whisper.

"They are dreams Abi. Don't worry." She says the words with too much force, I know that there is something behind the dreams and she knows it too. I also know that there is no use arguing. I nod in fake agreement.

"Now go back to sleep." She smiles lightly and walks out. I lay back but I know that sleep is a far off hope. I get up and start to walk down the stairs until I hear Ms. Grisham on the phone,

"It's too soon." I stop on the bottom of the stairs and lean up against the wall too hide. Who is she talking too and what's it too soon for?

"Her life must continue as normal. She must stay at college." I have no idea what the other person on the line has said for Ms. Grisham to sound almost desperate and I feel a sense of foreboding. Are they talking about me?

"Can't we wait until she is eighteen?" I hear her plea. I feel dread encircle me, I know that they are talking about me, I should have known as soon as I heard her talking on the phone,

"She will be eighteen in two months." In two months it will be April and I will be celebrating my eighteenth birthday but by the sounds of it I won't be doing much celebrating, I can't help but think bitterly.

"I know but she isn't free until she is eighteen. Besides it will look too suspicious if she drops out of college." My hands turn into fists at the sound of Auntie's reasoning. This is to do with me so why must she continually lie to me? Why doesn't she tell me what my dreams are about?

"Fine." I hear her snap. I have to hear what the other person is saying.

"Crane your ears and you will." I hear someone whisper. How?

"Imagine you have the phone pressed to your ear." I do as the whisper tells me and I almost jump out of focus when I can hear the other person,

"Will you tell her anything about what is happening and what will happen to her?" A male voice asks.

"No." She replies bluntly.

"Violet." I shiver at the warning in the man's tone.

"She will find out on her eighteenth birthday until then she will live as normal a life as possible." How can I live my life as normal as possible now? I wait for the man's reply and I hear him sigh exasperatedly.

"Fine. But you have no idea how much danger she is in."

"Trust me I do." Ms. Grisham remarks just before slamming the phone down. I stand on the stairs shock rolling over me. I hear footsteps approaching and run up the stairs as quietly and quickly as possible. I throw myself onto my bed and feign sleep as footsteps enter my bedroom. I squeeze my eyes shut and breathe as calmly as possible.

"I'm sorry Abi." I hear her whisper. I clutch the cover tightly and hold back the tears that threaten to break. I know that my life has changed forever and that I will have to enjoy the next few months as much as possible. I hear her close the door and leave and I allow the tears to fall freely.