"What do we do now?" screamed Ferelith. They dived through a jagged hole in a brick wall and scrabbled across a patch of grass.

"Just keep running!" replied Mckey. Kahlua and Toby started to bark, Ash waved his arms and they noticed the captives fleeing the hall they had started out in. Jethro spotted a familiar figure sauntering their way through clouds of smoke and debris. To his surprise, Mckey sprinted up to Eternity and grabbed her hand.

"Come with us" she shouted over the noise of the destruction. Eternity stared at her for a moment before starting to laugh, Mckey stepped back as the girl's smile stretched and vanished into her hairline.

"Holy shit, she's one of them!" yelped Ash. Jethro yanked Mckey backwards and stared at Eternity.

"How did you hide it?" he asked.

"I'm not Eternity Grace; she was one of the first to die. Her DNA was surprisingly resilient and came in very useful for the drones. I was just a spy to glean what information I could from the captives" she said. Eternity's transformation wasn't finished yet. She dropped to all fours, her hands and feet clenching into hooves. Her body began to stretch, a lump lifted from the middle of her back and took on the vague shape of a squirrel.

"Run, now, fucking run!" whispered Ash. He grabbed Ferelith's hand, they managed about four steps before Toby and Kahlua decided they had a better idea. They barked and charged the thing that used to be Eternity. They clamped their jaws around its middle, for the first time the rictus grin faltered and it roared in pain. Mckey picked up a chunk of wood and began beating at the half formed pink tentacle that slithered from the belly. Jethro, Ash and Ferelith took the hint and found their own weapons among the debris. Kahlua and Toby suddenly released their grip and began backing away. Mckey looked up and noticed the Big Ben size alien opening its jaws and leaning down towards them.

"Let go! Run!" she screamed. They jumped off the now fully formed Eternity Squirrel Horse and made a mad dash across the concrete. Nobody looked back as she screamed; a loud crunching noise followed and Mckey felt her legs wobble a little. Kahlua barked and they spotted the van they had arrived in, Mckey yanked open the door while the others ran around it and pulled the covers off the windows. Jethro jumped into the driver's seat and grinned when he spotted the keys hanging from the ignition. He pushed it into gear and floored the gas, the van shot forward but there was nowhere to go. They spun a tight u turn and headed away from the alien that was destroying the buildings behind them.

"Faster, must go faster!" cried Ash. He was looking out of the back window with a dog under each arm. Mckey closed her eyes and took a deep breath, when she opened them again the road was empty and the van had slowed to a more sensible pace. She twisted in her seat and stared out of the back window. The giant alien was still visible in the distance but it wasn't following them, it seemed happy enough to cause death and destruction right where it was.

"Why does this shit always happen to us?" she asked. Ferelith turned and looked at Mckey, she reached out and gripped her hand in an expression of comfort so simple Mckey almost burst into tears.

They drove into the night until Jethro almost fell asleep at the wheel; they narrowly avoided ploughing into a tree. They found a little out of the way hotel and parked the van behind the building. They emptied two vending machines, waited for the dogs to do their business and went into one of the rooms. They locked the door, pulled the curtains and relaxed for the first time in what felt like weeks. Mckey excused herself, found a fluffy robe in one of the wardrobes and took a very long and very hot shower. By the time she came out, Jethro was alone in the room.

"Where are the others?" she asked, running her fingers through her wet hair.

"A few doors down. I think Ash wants some privacy to try out his moves on Ferelith."

"Poor girl" said Mckey, smiling. She picked up two bags of crisps, a Twix, Mars Bar and a can of Coke. They sat in silence while they ate, glancing up and smiling across the bed every so often.

"Are you sleeping in here with me?" asked Mckey. Her voice was quiet and an attractive rosy hue was spreading across her cheeks. Kahlua and Toby huffed before curling up on an extra blanket that Ash had found them.

"Don't you want me to?" asked Jethro.

"Of course I do, I just wasn't sure if you wanted to." Jethro frowned a little, feeling as if they were going around in circles. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers, giving up on words altogether. A pleasant tingle was working its way down Mckey's body; it started at her lips and sunk down to her belly creating a warm glow. Jethro shifted closer to her and pulled at the loosely tied belt around her waist until the fluffy gown fell open. He pushed her back against the pillows and Mckey pulled the robe off and threw it to the floor.

"You're so beautiful" he whispered. Mckey blushed again but this time it coloured her chest and belly as well. Jethro smiled and pulled off his t shirt, Mckey sat up and raked her nails down his chest and well-toned abs to the waist band of his jeans. Jethro gasped and threw his head back as Mckey undid his jeans and slid them down as far as she could before Jethro roll onto his side and kicked them to the floor. He kissed her again, a long and drugging kiss that made her dizzy despite the pain it caused in her lips. His hands stroked over her sides and stomach, palming her breasts and mercilessly rolling and pinching her nipples. She cried out in shock at the touch, her sounds drowned in his mouth as he kissed her. Her legs parted under him, an unconscious gesture but Jethro pressed himself against her and groaned.

Mckey removed her mouth from his and gently bit Jethro's earlobe, increasing the pressure when she heard him gasp. She wrapped her legs around his waist and dragged her nails down his back to the boxers he was still wearing, she tried to pull his body closer but Jethro chuckled and pulled her hands back up over her head.

"No cheating, baby. I want you to remember this for a long time" he whispered, Mckey shivered as his breath warmed her neck. He rained soft little kisses down her jaw line, across her chest and over her breasts. He took one nipple into his mouth, licking and flicking the hard bud of flesh before moving across to the other, unwilling to neglect a single inch of flesh. Mckey gasped and moaned, she lifted her hips but Jethro moved away from her. She dropped back to the back and arched her back as Jethro slid a finger into her already dripping passage.

"Oh my God!" cried Mckey. He added a second finger and used his thumb to rub her clit; he started gently until he felt Mckey pushing down onto his fingers. Jethro smiled, he suddenly bent over and clamped his lips around her clit. Mckey wound her fingers in his long hair and pushed his head down harder, bucking her hips and screaming forms of his name. When her orgasm hit, Mckey almost doubled over, gasping and shaking. Jethro looked up at her, a smug smile on his lips.

"I bet you think you're pretty good, huh?" she asked. Jethro kissed her left thigh and nodded; he moved onto his knees and pulled his boxers off. Before he could move again, Mckey grabbed him and flipped him onto his back. Mckey straddled him while a mischievous smile played around her lips. Jethro's hands suddenly gripped her hips, shifting her body down to grind against the ridge of his erection. It took all her willpower to not start rocking against him, instead fighting the grip on her hips as he tried to move her. Mckey laughed at the pout on Jethro's face as she lifted her hips up enough to just barely touch him. Jethro tried to lift his hips up to meet hers, but she just shifted away once more. Mckey smiled down at him as she rotated her hips, still just barely touching against his straining erection.

"Baby, I need you! Come on" Jethro pleaded. Mckey looked down at him and raised an eyebrow.

"Say please and I'll think about it" she said. Jethro stared at her, shock written all over his handsome face. She wanted him to beg? This was a side of Mckey he had never expected but he couldn't wait to see what else she was hiding. All thought was suddenly pushed from his mind as Mckey lowered herself onto his cock, it was only a very quick pressure but it was enough to melt his resolve. Jethro gripped her hips harder but she still refused to budge, he bit his lip hard, unable to hold out any longer.

"Please" he begged. Mckey slid one of her fingers between her thighs and over her clit, smiling as Jethro watched with rapt attention.

"Please what?" she whispered.

"Please let me inside you, baby. I need to be inside you fucking now" replied Jethro. His voice was little more than a low and primal growl, his eyes glued to the fingers working between Mckey's thighs.

"Well, as you asked so nicely." Mckey removed her fingers from her clit and, in a move that almost made Jethro blow his load right then and there, sucked her own juices from them before turning her attention back to the man beneath her. Mckey lowered herself onto Jethro's cock, inch by inch until they were joined to the fullest. Jethro couldn't wait anymore, in a move that mirrored the one Mckey had pulled on him; he grabbed her wrists and flipped her over onto her back.

"Hey! That's cheating!" she said, pouting. Jethro grinned; he lifted her legs and began to thrust into her. He tried to fight against the urge to take her hard but he was fighting a losing battle with his own body. Mckey suddenly pulled herself upright and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs as tightly around his waist as she could.

"Fuck this. I want you now, there'll be plenty of time to take it slow later" she growled into his ear. Jethro moved forward a little until Mckey's back was against the wall.

"Hold onto something, baby" he whispered. Mckey gripped the headboard and yelped as his hips slammed into her. He growled in his chest with stroke after stroke as Mckey screamed and he bit her neck, cupping her arse with his hands to keep her in position. Struggling for breath, Mckey arched her back against the wall, pressing herself down harder against his thundering hips.

Feeling heat spreading through her body from her most intimate place, Mckey opened her eyes in shock as a huge wave of pleasure assaulted her.

Hearing her scream of pleasure, Jethro pounded harder, practically roaring from the extreme sensations as he came inside her. They stayed where they were for a moment, clinging to each other and shuddering as they drifted back down from their combined high.

"I love you" whispered Jethro. The words were out before he even realized he was talking, Mckey didn't answer right away and he was almost afraid to pull away from her. After a few minutes, Mckey placed her palms against his chest and pushed him gently away. Her eyes glistened with tears and her throat was working but no sound came out.

"I love you too" she whispered. Jethro smiled and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. They untangled themselves and slipped under the covers.

"What do we do now? Where do we go?" asked Mckey. Jethro wrapped his arms around her and sighed, he had no idea but Ferelith would probably want to carry on looking for her family unless Ash could convince her otherwise.

"Out of London. I think we stick to the coast now and just see where we end up" he said. Jethro switched off the lamp and nuzzled his face into Mckey's hair. She breathed a contented sigh and slipped quickly into sleep. Jethro listened to her steady breathing for a while before staring at the window. The moon was full and filtered through the curtains in a milky frost. Jethro had no idea what this new world would bring, but it couldn't be any worse then what it had already thrown at them. Jethro slipped into a deep sleep hoping that that was true.