You wake up one morning

To find the little flurries

Raining down and leaving

A cold white blanket on the ground.

Your run outside still in your night gown

To see your neighbors shoveling their driveways

And attempting to defrost their cars.

A few kids are laying in the middle of the street

Creating snow angels at their parents feet.

Some older kids a little farther on

Are in the dawn of a great snowball war.

You laugh as one kid shouts in furry and tackles his friend.

Then you rush back inside to the smell

Of baking in the oven and peppermint coffee

That is wafting down the hallway.

Your Christmas decorations seem to lighten the mood

And now that it's snowing you can believe

It's really almost here.

Then you have to admit it's the best time of year

When the snow's raining down all around you

Creating a festive cheer.