(3rd person)

A little ways down the road...

It was hot that day. The day that Junebug graduated college. The thermometer gauged at over 80 degrees on the green field with a small stage and podium. The dean of the school was making some speech about how this was the beginning of their lives as true adults. Junebug was kind of zoning out, she was more focused on the fact that she forgot to bring her rent bill with her, to be dropped off after the ceremony.

"And so, I congratulate you, and send you on your way, confident you will do amazing things," the dean's voice bellowed. The graduating class of only 130 students stood up, cheered and threw their black graduation caps. Junebug threw hers triumphantly and cheered along with her classmates. She spun around to face the audience, her green eyes squinting in the sun, and she spotted Kristofferson, waving his arms and cheering. His parent's were next to him, cheering for Junebug as well. Annie, Adam, and Kristofferson were essentially all Junebug had. Ever since the disastrous funeral and death of her father, she excommunicated herself from her remaining family, which only consisted of her aunt and uncle. Junebug ran to Kristofferson with her diploma in hand, and was hugged by him and his parent's.

"Good job Junebug!" Adam congratulated her.

"Thanks," She said kindly and turned her attention to Kristofferson.

"I'm so proud of you," He said and kissed her gently on the lips.

"You're all grown up! Now you can officially work full-time!" Annie said to Junebug. Junebug only smiled back, knowing she wouldn't be able to work entirely full-time, she had many things to do.

Adam and Annie sat in the front seat of the car, Adam drove, while Kristofferson and Junebug sat in the back. Junebug stared longingly out the window, a small smile played on her lips while she twirled the engagement ring on her finger. She felt very accomplished. She had just obtained her Master's degree in business, got engaged to Kristofferson that Christmas, and was planning her dream wedding.

They stopped at a wonderful restaurant, where they all walked in and were escorted to a private booth. After they ordered their drinks, Adam and Annie got Mimosas, Kristofferson ordered the same, but Junebug got a water.

"Junebug, why didn't you get a Mimosa? You should be celebrating!" Annie said. Junebug and Kristofferson glanced at each other and smiled.

"Hey mom, we gotta tell you something," Kristofferson started, grabbed Junebug's hand and squeezed it.

"What? What is it?" Annie pressed.

Junebug swallowed the lump in her throat and spoke clearly, "I'm pregnant."

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