Lessons in Heartbreak - Summer


There's something about summer air that makes people do crazy things. It makes people do things they never thought they'd do. It's why people strip and initiate a new way of dancing – clothing optional. It makes people bold enough to dare to be the player rather than the played.

It enables people to sneak into a bar, get drunk and be the life of the party for once. It lets people make out with the resident bad boy and then completely ignore him the next day. It helps people come out of hiding, even for a little while, and find a different world waiting for them.

Summer makes people realize what they've been doing wrong and start doing something right. It makes people go streaking in their crushes' neighborhoods. It allows people to go skinny dipping with friends, aware someone may be watching.

It gives people the courage to walk up to the hottest guy in a club and proposition him. It makes people decide to try extreme sports for an adrenaline rush. It forces people get in a car and just start driving without knowing where they're going.

It lets people escape home and travel places they've never been. It's why people get on a motorcycle and see how fast they can go. It helps people go after what they want, without hesitation.

Summer can make people do wild things and it takes away the pain and the regrets – at least until fall arrives. But that's another time, another story.

A/N: I'm back! Okay, so I'm taking baby steps and starting with one-shots like promised – although this is actually kind of a story. Here's the idea: The characters are all related in some way (family, friends, dating, etc), and each couple will have one chapter for their brief story.

The point is how they get together and how they break apart, I'm not going to dwell on what happens in between because that gets old fast. I want to see how many different things I can come up with. I already have ideas for how each couple gets together (hint: read prologue).

Don't worry though, because I hate sad endings (I can't even watch Titanic anymore) so even though the chapter ends sadly, the characters will definitely pop up again for a final resolution. What's going to happen though, I can't say. That's all I'm giving away.

Anyways, I have the first couple stories done and right after I post this, I'll post the very first couple to star: Jude and Scarlet. They'll be your New Year's gift. The others will come hopefully soon after (not every other day, mind you – this is giving me time and readers entertainment as I re-write WIV-F so hopefully no one's pissed at me for putting it on hiatus).

I hope everyone enjoys this. Happy Holidays!