When the dream becomes the reality and you don't know what to do. It's like, suddenly nothing makes sense anymore but at the same it makes more sense than it ever has. And it's the little moments that make your stomach do a nosedive, that replay in your head like your favorite song, except better, because it's real. You don't have to pretend anymore. And I love how I don't have to pretend with you. The stuff I usually hide, it's what you love. And in the silence, there's no awkwardness, just thoughts and a smile that creeps onto my face when you catch my gaze and look at me like I'm the most amazing thing you've ever seen. And it's all I can do to hide these feelings from everyone else until the time is right because feel like I'm about to explode. And to think, we were right in front of each other all this time. Years. Neither of us were ready I suppose, I'm barely ready now. And I was (and I guess I still am) so insecure, and you always had someone else. I may have entertained the idea a little, toyed with it, thought wouldn't it be niceā€¦but there was never a chance. And now, now we really see each other. I saw it in your eyes last night as I sipped my Pepsi as if I had a nervous tick, because you have me spinning. Sparks are flying like an explosion. I'm trying my best not to run away. Because I'll admit I'm a little scared. Like I said, nothing has ever come this close to being so real. So I appreciate your patience as we let this grow, let it burn slow. But we won't be able to walk along this edge forever. And I know which direction we're leaning, we'll fall off eventually. Just hold my hand while I find my footing and let me get lost and your stupid lopsided grin. Give me a little time to find a way around all the walls I've built over the years, I'm taking it apart brick by brick to try and let you in.