Final Author's Note:
This is only the first draft. I intend to go back through, fix the occasional typo or grammar error, add some interaction between Megan and some of the more minor characters. (Ken, Charlie, etc.) If there's anything plot-wise you feel needs to be fixed, feel free to let me know! As I said from the very beginning, I'm open to suggestions and constructive criticism. Any and all is more than welcome. In regards to writing as a whole, and not so much this story, I've already started a sequel. The ideas are a bit rough, and it needs to be refined, but I'll certainly start posting that soon. I'll give you a hint, though. It centers around the twins. And…I dunno, so far, it seems really calm in comparison, but you'll just have to look at it for yourself. Anyways, thanks for reading! Love you! I'll be back soon.