If I Could

If I could see the world from the sky like a bird,
If I could roam the seas like a fish,
If I could walk the world with the ones I loved at my side,
then I would.

If I could read and never stop,
If I could write profoundly and not pause to think,
If I could love without hatred or anger,
don't you think I would?

If we could
walk the world together,
and swim the seas together
don't you think we would?

If we could, don't you think we would?
We could explore space like it was right outside our door,
If we could,
and we would love the world.
Not a drop,
no, not a drop
of hatred would be left for
no one, no,
no one could make us
hate again.

Don't you see now?
If we could,
we would.
So why, why can't we
let go of our hate
and live in peace forever?

Why, if I could,
I would leave
this planet
and love unconditionally
Yes, forever.

For if we could,
don't you think
that a mother would
want this for her child
instead of the hatred
and fear of the world