I am now separating my suicide fics (As I call them) into a few different pages, it will not be in any certain order, just 5 stories per page so it's a little easier to read, well enjoy…

The warm moonlight washed over my body, bathing it in the soft glow of night. It was the happiest time of day for me but also the saddest; it was the end of torture but also the start of terror.

It's happening again, he's taking over. Oh gods no, please no!

She clutched at her head, nails digging into her pale skin she the roped of darkness devoured her heart, shifting it, morphing it, killing it.

Her eyes turned pitch black for a moment, and then returned to their bright blue. But the shimmered that they always had was now gone, they were lifeless, as if they had never crossed a happy moment in her life.

A gurgle rose up her throat as she stood; her arms hanging limp at her side. Her entire demeanour had changed; her hair was dead flat, hanging in unhealthy clumps. Her breath was ragged, laboured and wheezing. She herself had changed too, the way she thought, it was all different, it was inhuman, it was wrong.

Footsteps echoed through the empty house,


The deep voice reached her ears right as the door opened; she took a step forward her body swaying as she started to fall.

She opened her eyes a few seconds later to find herself in the arms of the male.

"Crystal! Are you okay?"

She smiled, flashing a set of glistening white teeth, every one sharpened to a persist point.

"Jake…. I'm just fine"

Her teeth dug into his neck, ripping the flesh from his body, the blood gushing over her.

"And my name isn't Crystal, its Andy…"

He jumped from the dying males arms just as he fell, smiling as he thrust his hand through the chest of the man, pulling his heart from his chest.

"What a shame, she deserved so much better than this piece of scum"

The twitching heart was thrown against the wall, blood splattering the wallpaper. It slowly slid down leaving a delicious trail of blood.

He licked his fingers, cleaning himself of the blood.

The sun shone down on him, the wide eyes of staring onlookers taking in the glory of the new ruler.

His chest was finally flat and a pair of black feathered wings had sprouted from his back. His shirt hung off his shoulder and his pants were uncomfortable tight but for now these were matters of little importance, now was the time to punish all those who had hurt his dear Crystal.

They were of course not that of an item being that they shared a body, but there were part of the same soul. An angel and a demon creating an impossible bond. She after all this time still rejected him but he knew better than the silly little girl, he knew what was set for them they would be the new rulers of this world.

His forked tongue reached out to lick a drop of blood from his collar bone, many people screamed horrified by this monstrosity.

"Come humans, do you not see the wrongs of your ways? Come to my side, see the real world or see it end!"

His arms reached out, offering his hand to anyone who was smart enough to escape death.

"Oh, no one? Than prepare for the end"

A roar erupted from his throat as the earth itself began to shake, a deep crater opening between him and the crowd.

Magma bubbled, the heat making everyone unnerved.

The magma suddenly gushed upwards, geysers of molten heat reaching for the sky. As it cleared an army of horns, wings and claw could be seen, millions of monsters in the sky looking down upon them.

"Say hello to your end"

His arm snapped up, beckoning the creature to their dinner, a smorgasbord of unlimited human flesh.

A maniacal laugh echoed around the area as blood painted everything in sight, limb slew through the air and the never ending chorus of screams filled Andy's ears.

He picked up the still beating heart of what was probably a young girl, holding it above his head he squeezed it tightly, pouring the rich red blood into his mouth savouring the flavour of victory.

"The moonlight washed over the bleach white bones, the mourning people leaving for another night. The coffin lay open, fleshless bones lying in the dusty black bed.

The body, having been found only few weeks ago. Stashed in a large pot behind the run-down house of the local crazy-woman. He had been stewing in some sort of green fluid, something that had simply overlooked. It was indeed a silly mistake."

"Max cue the music"

*Maniacal laughter*

*crickets chirping*



"Max I told you not to fall asleep; this was meant to be my perfect moonlight"

"Sorry boss"

"I told you not to call me that"

Quiet snores echoed through the darkness, if I still had eyes they would have been rolling in their sockets. My unfortunate friend Max was an old black cat who had, from what I gathered, been living in the graveyard for three years now.

I, myself had only been here for a long excruciating month, my bones found stewing at the back of the old coots house and to be truthful I wish they had just left me there. Every night since I had been removed from my slimy bath I have awakened, forced to live in this painfully bland grave yard with the company of Max, the sleepy old black cat who lives off the stray mice that enter his 'territory'.

It was pitiful.

I was the living dead, I should be out terrorising the living or creating some kind of cult with me as the leader but nope, I am stuck forever within the fiery gates of boredom.

"*yawn* Max?"

"Yes boss?"

I rolled my eyes, pacing between the old gravestones.

"Is there anything of interest here? Someone like me should not be dead bored… Oh wait I am dead…. Bored to the point of living?"

I continued on with my pondering, mindlessly weaving through the crumbling stone.




A few birds squawked are they were awoken by the shout.


"Max! Fetch my head, it has rolled off again"

My bones lay in a heap, my skull some meters away and my foot still standing upright was stuck on the loop of a stray root.

I grumbled to myself as I felt Max rolling my skull back to my skeleton, pushing me along with his obnoxiously flat nose.

"*sigh* Look Max, sun rise is near"

My hollow eyes stared towards the horizon, the black fading into hideous colours of morning.

"Well good morning Max"

"Good morning boss"

I slowly climbed back into my padded coffin, my eyes lingering on the horizon for one more moment before letting my body fall into its deadly comfort…..

Well that is all for now I might add a few more pieces later, and if you see any errors please tell me so I can fix them