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Chapter 21

Why not throwing a birthday party? I thought to myself.

"You know what? I have a better idea than your throwing a birthday party," Isabella said when I told her what I was planning to do.

"What is it?"

"Seems that I haven't told you that today's my birthday too!" she said with a laugh and I hugged her tightly. "Oh, happy birthday to you too!" I said and smiled. That's great.

"Thank you Emily, isn't it great that we both have birthday on December 6th? So I thought..."

"Oh come on, tell me...I'm being so curious-"

"-well, we could both throw a birthday party for our birthday either at my place or yours!"

"Yeah, that's cool!" I said and high-fived her. "When?"

"What about tonight?" she suggested as we were walking towards our lockers, that happen to be near to each other.

"Tonight at my place then?" I said while opening my locker, grabbing the books I needed and locking it.

"Yeahhhh!" she screamed excitedly and hugged me.

"Happy birthday girls!" Maria said happily and hugged us as she came to us. She always remembers everyone's birthday or nameday.

"Thank you!" Isabella and I said in unison. "Tonight at my place." I said. "We're throwing a birthday party!"

"Oh, cool! I'll be there around seven."

"Good morning!" It was Taylor. "Happy birthday!" he said to us and then kissed me. "I already bought you a birthday present."

I smiled. "Awwww thanks...so kind of you..."

"Same for me, I hope you'll like it." Neil said and hugged me tightly. If only he wouldn't let me go... "Happy birthday..." he said to both Isabella and me.

It was after I saw that my cell phone was dead that I noticed Kate standing next to Taylor (as always). She was just glaring at me with a pair of glazed dark brown eyes, but I preffered not to tell her anything and ignore her, at least for today.

"Emily and I are throwing a birthday party at her place tonight, you're all invited!" Isabella said and smiled. She was beside herself with excitement as I was until something so unexpectable happened.

I got a grip on myself and decided not to say anything to Kate, who had the nerve to try and kiss Taylor, who jumped back. "What the hell are you doing?" he said as if he didn't care that Kate just tried to kiss him. As if he didn't like it.

"What? I didn't do anything!" Kate protested, looked at us who were all staring at her, then she looked back at Taylor who walked towards me and kissed me again, then one of the populars greeted him and he walked to them, as Kate did. She hugged Gabriella and started chatting endlessly with her.

I was chatting with Isabella about our birthday party until we heard someone shouting "Don't you dare do it again, you know I have a girlfriend!" It was Taylor who was trying to explain to Kate that she shouldn't flirt with him or anything like that. But she didn't listen to what she said, she kissed him instead and this time I couldn't help but being extremely angry with them both. Taylor saw that I knew she kissed him and started walking towards me so as to say what a guy says to his girlfriend after another girl kissed him: 'it wasn't what you think' or 'let me explain' or something among these lines.

"Let me-" Taylor started saying but I interupted him yelling "STAY AWAY!"

"No, I won't and don't yell!" he shouted.

"How dare you shouting at me when you're the one that was wrong?"

"I want you to listen to me!"

"I won't, and don't you dare talk to me! If it wasn't my birthday today I'd break up with you!"

"What?" He seemed to be shocked, or maybe he pretended being shocked. I know he wasn't at all.

His trying to explain to me that is was all because of Kate was sooo futile. I wouldn't listen to him and if he'll try to explain to me that it wasn't his fault during the party I'll kick him out of my house.

After he gave up trying to explain, he looked at Neil who was looking away listening to the music. I could tell he was listening to Underdog by You Me At Six. "It's all your fault!" Taylor yelled at him and Neil turned around to find who shouted at him and distracted him. Both of them seemed to be annoyed and angry with each other.

"I'm sorry for not asking your permission to hang out with your girlfriend." Neil said and that made Taylor angrier.

"How dare you talking to me like that?"

"Oh, I forgot that I should be kind towards you cause not you're one of the populars!"

"Why don't you just shut up and stay away from my girlfriend?"

Neil gave him a cold look. I thought he'd walk away but out of the blue he stood in front of him and yelled "Stop it, that's enough! I'm sick and tired of your misbehaviour and your not treating Emily the way she deserves to be treated! If you think I'll stop hanging out with the girl I want to hang out with then you're wrong!" He grabbed his stuff, shut his locker and walked away.

I was shocked to see his reaction and that made me remember the day we became friends. He was bullied but didn't react at all. Now he learned how to encounter people who treat him badly.

"Well, if you two are going to fight during the party I'm going to kick you out of the house both!" said Isabella and I walked away with her and Maria. Before that, Kate walked to us and I faked hitting her. Then it came to me.

"Hey, did you invite them all, aren't I right?" I asked Isabella.

"Yeah, why not? I had asked you before and you said it's okay with you."

"Then Kate is included too-"

"-don't worry, I invited her on purprose. I have a plan."

"Are you going to tell me or not?"

"Yes, why not? We're going to find out whether something's going on between Taylor and Kate or not."

"Okay..." We were near to the boys'restroom and thought that Neil might be there. I couldn't leave him alone, right?

"Wait here," I told the girls and walked in the boys' restroom. The guys who were in were looking at me as if I was looking for my lost girlfriend, but I don't care.

"Hey, are you looking for him?" a boy asked and pointed to a corner where Neil was. He was sitting down on the floor looking away.

"Thanks." I said but before I could walk I felt someone grabbing me by my arm, he wouldn't let go of me. "Hey, let me go!" I yelled. He wouldn't let me go. Some of his friends walked to us and started making fun of me without having a reason to. I'm wondering why I can't be invisible.

One of them hit me and I screamed in pain. But Neil was stll sitting in the corner while looking away. I was hitting them as much as I could but they continued laughing at me like I was an object with no feelings. But I'm a human being and I have feelings. They don't seem to know that, though.

Maria ran in to help me but they kept her away from me. As a concequence, she was kicked out.

"Hey you idiots, just STAY AWAY!" It was Neil who ran to me and managed to keep me away from them, at least for a while.

"Awwwwww your goth hero came here to help you...So romantic..." one of them said in a way that was considered to be funny and the others continued laughing at us both now. "If you want us to let go of your friend, then you should fight for her," the same one said. Whoa. All he got for a responce was a punch on the face.

"How dare you punching my friend?" another one said. "If you want us to leave your friend alone then you fight with me."

"What?" I said. "Oh no, please don't..." I don't want you to fight with Jason cause you'll end up in hospital with broken arms and legs. And you know I don't want that, don't you?

"Well, that's okay with me," Neil said and before Jason could react he was punched in the face for the third time today. "Hey, I didn't see it coming! How dare you punching me?" he complained and then they started fighting.

All the students were staring at the guys who were fighting, whereas the teachers were turning a blind eye on the fight.

I was just sitting there with my eyes closed because I didn't want to see them fighting. I couldn't stand it. If something bad happens to Neil it'll be my fault, I'll have only myself to blame.

"Please let me go!" I heard Jason saying. I couldn't believe my eyes. Neil had pinned Jason to the wall and continued punching him and yelling at him. At the same time the students who were watching the fight were wondering how Jason got punched and I could hear Taylor commenting and saying things like "I can't believe that Jason lost the fight, how did that happen?" Of course Kate was standing near him and gave him a huge hug.

"PLEASE STOP IT!" Jason begged.

"No, I won't cause I don't feel for you as you don't feel for Emily! How could you misbehave like that and make fun of her?"

"I won't make fun of her again, but let go of me!"

Finally Neil gave up and let go of Jason, who fell on the floor. One of his friends helped him stand up and Neil ran to me. "You alright? Did they hurt you?" He was looking at me from top to bottom to see if I was hurt, but it was like he was checking me out. I didn't say anything because I actually liked it.

"No, I'm okay...Are you-"

"-yeah, I'm alright."

I started walking but fell down, I was feeling kind of weak. "You're not okay..." he said and didn't let me walk any further, he took me in his arms instead. How sweet...