"Shades of Blue"

What a beautiful day. I am happy to be here, and there is here exactly? Here is Raleigh, North Carolina where my best friend, Matt has recently moved. We have been talking for months about me going to see him, flying out the whole 9 yards.

That is what I have decided to do because I miss him and the thoughts about him have been bouncing around my head like ping-pong balls for the past two months-annoying.

So here I am.

We are strolling along the boardwalk down by the harbor which is nearby just admiring the view.

"This is amazing." I murmur, "It would be an amazing place for a first kiss."

Matt gives a noncommittal murmur which signals I need to change the subject.

The view is amazing, water laps at the dock and boat so visible in the distance, the sky is a crystal-clear blue and seagulls are squawking importantly like they are the center of the universe. Two cents says my cat would win an argument with them.

"This is so beautiful." I whispered again.

"You said that already." Matt said chuckling, his blue eyes twinkling with amusement, something I never got tired of looking at.

We continue on in silence, that comfortable silence of old friends. After a few minutes he turns me to face him I look up at him and smile.

"This is wonderful... thank you."

He grins, "You're welcome."

"If I could just stay here..." I whisper, "everything is so perfect here, with you..." I slowly slide my arms around his torso burying my face in his chest; somewhere around me I can dimly hear his heartbeat. His arms slide around my waist and we just stand there holding each other I don't want to let go, I am afraid if I let go he will drift away.

Finally I look up into Matt's eyes, the color there is reflected in the water behind me, a series of blues with hints of green mixed in. He was like the water I could never get tired of looking at him there was so much life in every line that framed his eyes, every laugh line was a story and usually it was the story I was a part of.

Suddenly I felt his soft breath on my face and realized he was leaning closer then he dipped his head and softly brushed my lips with his. His lips were soft, soft and gentle but he was cautious too as if he wasn't quite sure what he was doing. After a few minutes he pulled away looking at me critically.

"How was that?" Matt asked softly, "was it everything you imagined?"

"No," I said, he looked disappointed, "no, it was much better, it was much better because," I reached up and gently touched his cheek "because it was you."