I've had a really bad past,

and I'm thankful to be rescued.

I'm grateful to the humans,

for I'll never again go without food.

I've learned to trust them,

and know that they'll protect me.

But despite how my life has improved,

I don't have a home or family.

I spend my time inside a cage,

waiting for my final day.
Sure, I'm taken care of,

but when will I get to play?

I guess my pleas were recognized;

I think my cries were heard;

because just this morning,

the shelter suddenly stirred.

A pair of humans,

accompanied by a child,

they were looking for a new pet,

and one made them smile.

It was the tabby kitten,

fur as gray as rocks;

her paws bounced up and down,

highlighted by white socks.

That tabby kitty is me,

and I was surely excited.

The humans played with me,

and I became delighted.

I thrashed my tail,

I flexed my claws,

I flicked my ears,

and used my paws.

I jumped and wrestled,

playing happily,

until the parents said something,

that was surely new to me.

"Let's take her home!"

The father declared.

"She's part of the family..."

The mother shared.

I stopped my bouncing,

and looked up in wonder.

My amber eyes were wide,

and I purred like thunder.

I then mewed,

and watched them smile.

I rubbed against them,

so they scratched me for a while.

That's my new family?

They're what I wished for...

Not only was my wish granted,

but I got even more.

I'm the little tabby kitten,

the one nobody cared about;

I was raised on the streets,

always full of doubt.

Now I've gotten my wish;

my ultimate dream.

My whiskers are twitching,

and my eyes are agleam.

And now that little tabby kitten,

she's getting a home.

She's getting a family.

Never again shall she roam.