Termination Notice

America to Obama:

"You have sat here too long for any good you have been
doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In
the name of God, go!"

Those words were first spoken by Oliver Cromwell in
dismissing England's corrupt Parliament in 1653. On May 8,
1940 a member of the House of Commons repeated them to
Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain after he had sold out
Europe to Hitler.

Chamberlain resigned two days later, revealing a better
understanding of "democrat" and "republican" than many on
this side of the Atlantic who use those words in the names
of their political parties.

"Democracy" is from the Greek demos, the people, and
kratein, to rule. "Republic" is derived from two Latin
words: res, meaning thing, affair or interest, and publicus,
public. The ancient Greeks and Romans learned from
experience the disadvantages of monarchies and oligarchies
and decided that their governments should belong to the
people, who would elect representatives to handle the
mundane affairs of state.

Early American colonists, living far from the central
government in London, also learned much about ruling
themselves. Which convinced them that, after winning
independence, the new U.S.A. would be some form of
democratic republic or republican democracy. To insure that
there would never be any doubt as to who owns the
government, they put our name on it: "We the people of the
United States."

We the people created a federal organization staffed by
public servants and made a Constitution giving them certain
limited powers. The Supreme Law of the Land does not tell us
what we can do, but what our servants must do to serve us.

That particularly applies to you, Barack Hussein Obama,
our First Servant. When you accepted our employment, you
promised that you would faithfully perform the duties we
assigned to you.

Sadly, your job record is filled with neglected duties
and abuses of power.

You have enacted unconstitutional laws obstructing your
Masters' freedoms, which a good servant is bound to protect.
In so doing, you have caused possible health risks by
interfering with our individual choice of medical treatment.

You have wasted our wealth and overextended our credit,
while crippling private enterprise with unreasonable
restrictions, until even crushing taxation may not save us
from economic ruin. Indeed, you have treated our honestly
earned money and property as your chattels to be disposed of
at your whim.

You have disrupted efficiency in industry and commerce
by giving special advantages to select business and labor

You have provoked widespread distrust and suspicion by
insisting that some of us "do not pay our fair share,"
whatever that means.

You have hypocritically exhorted your Masters to be
thrifty and diligent while you enjoyed a lifestyle of
extravagant luxury-at our expense.

You have associated with unsavory characters who have
never renounced their outspoken hatred for our country and
desire to see it harmed.

You have decreased morale and harmony among your fellow
servants in our police, armed forces and other public

You have not adequately defended our borders from
hostile foreign powers and criminal invaders.

You have treated potential enemies more favorably than
our long-standing friends and allies.

You have demonstrated that you have no understanding of
what it is to be an American and failed to present a strong,
positive national image to inspire our citizens and others.

Most damaging of all, you have attempted to deprive us
of our most precious possession-our unalienable right of
self-rule-and subject us to authoritarian domination.

By these and other flagrant derelictions of duty, you
have proved yourself a poor servant unworthy of further

Therefore we the people dismiss you to follow Neville
Chamberlain's example and slink away from the public trust
you have shamefully betrayed.