Okay so, I got this idea from all the stories I was reading, so the plot is kind of the same, but I'm changing it around. I'm going to let YOU decide on who the girl should be with. I'm going to take ideas from all the werewolf myths and everything, and mix it into one. Also this is my own work :)

"Yeah, tomorrow's my birthday; I'm going to find my mate, which is most likely Giselle." Aaron said, grinning. Seventeen. The age a wolf stops growing. The day ageing stops. When we become Immortal. I looked up from my book, raising my eyebrow. Giselle. The most beautiful girl in school. She had long blonde hair reaching mid back, which curled in a way that not even a curling iron could perfect. Her baby blue eyes, her cherry red lips, her 'cute' nose.

Aaron. The next alpha to our pack, the broken shadow pack. He was a real jerk. All he cared about was how a girl's body looked. Sure he was good looking, green eyes, brown hair, and nice features. And of course, let's not forget the abs. All the guys in the pack were gorgeous, with the signature well-built body.

Then, there was me. Zephyra. Dull, straight, back length brown hair, pale and stick thin. Nope. I had no curves whatsoever. The only thing I had that was 'pretty' about me was my golden eyes. I was the smallest wolf in the pack, and easily the weakest. This, of course led to the bullying, pranking and public humiliation. Everybody in the pack hated me. This is the sad thing really, because not even my own brother, Eric likes me. He's older than me by a year. But he's second in command. I was the forgotten one. Never allowed to speak up, never talked to in a proper manner. The only place I was allowed to talk and take part in things was in the meetings. But I'm still treated like a piece of crap.

They acted like children, one time they told me to meet them in the forest, in wolf form. I waited there for hours, until I realised they weren't coming, I went back to the hollowed out log where I kept my clothes, bug found they weren't there. They had taken them, burned them locked all the doors and windows to my house and taken the spare key. I had to stay wolf for the rest of the night.

I rolled my eyes at the memory, but I did it at the wrong moment. When Aaron was staring at me. He stood up, and advanced towards me, the boys in the pack right behind him. My breath caught in my throat.

"Think something's funny, do you?" he said.

"N-"I was cut off.

"Well, at least my mate will love me. Nobody wants a pathetic, weak, good for nothing loser like you as a mate. Poor man would be stuck with you forever. And we think we have it bad." He said, making a couple of others laugh. I gulped. Holding my book tightly. He looked down at my thin fingers clutching my book. He grabbed my copy of Wuthering Heights, and weighed it in his hands.
"Time for a little game eh, boys?" he said. "Eric!" he tossed my book to Eric, who caught in without any care about it whatsoever. The game continued, the jerks tossing my book about, and me making desperate grabs for it. Aaron caught it in his hands.

"Do you want it back?" he asked. I nodded. He opened it up and tore a page. With a flick of his wrist, he flung the page at me, and it brushed against my nose, then falling to the floor. He tore it out page by page, until there was nothing left, but the hardcover. He then ripped it from its spine and threw it on the floor. He grinned.

"No need to thank me," he said. I felt the tears, making their way to my eyes as I phased right then and there, not caring about my clothes ripping, and ran out of the school doors. I ran along the sidewalk, ignoring the screams and gasps, and into the thick forest, where I laid myself down under a tree, and my head on my paws. I thought about the time they'd put specks of silver in my orange juice one morning. I was coughing up blood for a week, until finally I had to be checked out by the pack doctor.

Also the time they pushed me into the bonfire. Ouch. I whined pushing my narrow, chocolate brown snout further into my paws. My gold eyes bored into the ground beneath me. My white belly was probably getting dirty but who would notice? My fur was chocolate brown, but white on my chest and stomach. I had splotches of grey all over as well. I was really unusual, because werewolves were usually one colour only. That might be another reason I would get pushed around by the pack. But my coat was useful for blending in with normal wolves, but I had to cover up my human scent.

I looked up watching the sun travel through the sky, until it was gone, replaced by the moon. It was a full moon tomorrow. I heard the thudding of paws, my head snapped toward the direction of the noise the pack was making. They ran right past me, ignoring me, not talking to me through the mind link. The sound of their paws ceased slowly, as they ran further and further away from me. I closed my eyes back to the peace and quiet. Or so I thought. A growling noise was coming through the trees, not too far away from me. I got up to inspect. I padded through the trees, trying not to make any noise. And right before my eyes, is what my life was like in animal form. Three large wolves, not werewolves, were surrounding a wolf pup, growling and snapping at it.

The ironic thing was that the pup looked just like me. Exact same gold eyes filled with fear, brown and white coat, with patches of grey and scrawny figure. This pup was in danger. And I had to save it, save myself. I ran at the group, slipping through a space between two of the three wolves, and grabbed the back of the pup's neck by its fur, then raced into the trees. I could hear the three wolves far behind me. I needed a breather. I ran to the closest tree and went up on my hind legs propping the pup onto the lowest branch. With a little struggle, I climbed up on the same branch, and whilst doing that scratched my front paw on a twig. Without another thought, grabbed the pup again, and jumped on a higher branch just in time as the three other wolves ran past our tree. I snorted quietly. Stupid wolves.

I looked down at the pup, and sniffed it, looking for injuries of any kind, thankfully there were none. The little pup looked up at me, sniffed me, and then started to lick my injured paw, getting rid of the blood. I nuzzled it affectionately. I waited a few minutes, until I was sure the wolves were gone. I picked the pup up again, and then gently jumped of the tree then onto the ground. My claws dug into the soft earth as I started speeding off to my house.

I went up the steps to the front door and dropped the pup on the white wooden porch. I lifted the welcome mat to reveal the spare key. I picked it up carefully, and then got up on my rear legs, fitting it into the key hole. I turned it with great difficulty, until I heard the familiar click. I got down on all fours again, raised a paw and turned the door knob, and the door opened slowly revealing my dimly lit living room. I padded slowly inside, listening to the quieter sounds of the little pups feet following me.

I walked upstairs then turned to my room, closing the door with my snout, as the pup curiously went into my bedroom smelling the floor, bed bookcase and desk. I took this time to get some clothes out of my wardrobe and go into my bathroom. I phased back into a human, feeling the cold of the tiles against the soles of my feet. Some blood dripped down from my injured hand. I winced, looking for a bandaid. I rummaged through the medicine cabinet, and pulled out a bandaid and some antiseptic. I cleansed my wound, the unwrapped the bandage placing it cleanly over my cut. I shivered then grabbed my underwear, pulling it on my naked body. I put on the rest of my clothes quickly. I left the bathroom and went into my bedroom, picking up the pup and sitting on my bed. I looked at it. Male or female? I sighed. Well, there was only one way to do this.

I flipped it over on its back. I grimaced, and turned it back over so its stomach was resting on my lap. It was definitely a male. I laughed as I felt its stomach rumble. I carried him down to the kitchen, and put him on the counter, as he cocked his head at me, waiting expectantly. I opened the freezer, and fished out some frozen meat. Took the bag out and put it in the microwave and set the timer for 3 minutes to thaw it out a little. I leaned against the counter watching him. His eyes zeroed in on my face, as his tongue hung out of his mouth. I chuckled. Never in my life had I been this happy. I owed it to him. I walked over to him, scratching him behind his ear.

"Do you want to stay here, bud? Forever?" I inquired. He licked my hand in response. I laughed.

"I'll take that as a yes." I said happily. He howled in response. I smiled. The beeping of the microwave sounded, and I took out the thawed meat. I opened the bag, and fed the half raw meat to the pup, and he gobbled it all up. The bag was soon finished and I threw it in the bin. I took him into the living room and placed him on my lap, as he licked my fingers, getting rid of the meat juices. I decided on a name.

"I think I might call you Zephyrus." He yowled in response and I smiled. I laid myself down on the couch, and Zephyrus was lying down on my stomach, I found my eyes closing slowly, as I drifted off to sleep.

"Zephyra!" I woke up with a gasp. My brother was standing there glaring at me. "What is that?"

"A wolf pup." I replied, stroking his head.

"I know that but why is it here!" he bit out harshly.

"Zephyrus," I corrected him, "Is my new companion."

"So, it has a name." he sneered. "Exactly like you. Weak, pathetic, and ugly." Zephyrus and I both growled at him.

"You can't keep it!" He said.

"Why not!" I asked. "We already have two dogs in this house!" I continued.

"And since I'm so pathetic, I can at least have one friend!" I snarled. He looked taken aback. I had never talked to him like that.

"She's right." A lazy voice drawled. Aaron. He came into sight. "Let's just have some pity for the dismal one of the group." His words stung. I ran upstairs, hearing their booming laughter, and Zephyrus scampering behind me as I went into my room, slamming it and leaning against the door, with at least someone to comfort me. With tears streaming down my face, I changed into my pyjamas, and buried myself in my covers. I heard a whine and felt claws through my covers. I sat up. Zephyrus jumped up onto my bed and lay beside me, head resting on his front paws. I laid back down snuggling into my covers, feeling the warmth, and movement of the bed, as Zephyrus snuggled into my chest and fell asleep crying.


I woke up to hear the alarm blaring, and a wet feeling on my cheek. I sat up, and rubbed Zephyrus' saliva off my cheek. I looked at the clock. Six thirty. I had to make breakfast. I got out of bed, washing my face, and put my clothes on, running my brush through my hair. I jerked my head towards the door.

"C'mon Zeph, let's go downstairs," I said. Zephyrus leaped off my bed, and scurried behind me. I took out the bacon, sausage sausages and eggs. I cracked the eggs in a bowl, whisking them into yellow goo, and then pouring it into the pan, adding all the spices needed. I then fried the bacon and sausages, giving Zephyrus three sausages and 4 rashers of bacon. I made the pancake batter, making a large stack of pancakes. I carried everything out, one at a time, setting the table for three, because I could smell Eric's scent roaming in the house. Their scents grew stronger, as they thumped down the stairs, yawning, already dressed.

They sat down at the table where I was and dug in. Eric stopped and looked up at me.

"Juice?" he asked. I sighed and got up sauntering into the kitchen to grab some juice from the fridge. I heard someone come in after me. I turned around. Aaron. He ignored me, and reached for the fridge our hands brushing. A wave of heat went through my body, and a sweat broke out on my forehead, and he slammed me against the fridge. He crushed his lips against mine and I gasped in pain. I dropped the juice and knotted my fingers in his hair, and he copied me. He kissed down my jawline and down my neck. He went back to my lips and gave me one last peck. He broke off the kiss looking disgusted.
"What was that for!" I gasped out. He held his head in his hands.

"We're mates you idiot." My heart cracked. "Anyway, this can't happen. I won't let it. Because you aren't my mate." He continued.

"What?" I said.

"You aren't my mate." My heart cracked again. You. Aren't. My. Mate." He drawled. I nodded. He walked out of the kitchen. I looked at the juice and cringed. I ran out the kitchen and got the mop in the Laundry, running back into the kitchen to mop the mess up. I can't believe he rejected me. How dare he kiss me, and then throw me away like that! Stupid Bastard. My hand unconsciously brushed my lips. I could still feel the hot line of kisses in my neck and jaw. The tears crawled their way up to my eyes. I blinked them back, moving the mop, soaking up all the juice.

"Oh Zephyra! Where's that damn juice!" Eric yelled.

"I dropped it!" I hollered back. I left the mop leaning on the kitchen and went back into the dining room. I sat back down, digging into my food. The boys finished their food earlier than I did, and left without a word to me. I pushed my plate away, and broke down crying. Zephyrus came from out of nowhere and started licking my tears. I hugged his furry body. Sniffing and sobbing. I stopped crying, wiping my face and stood up walking to my room. I looked under my bed to find my suitcase. I was going to run away. Hope they were happy. Bastards. I put it on my bed, zipping it open and went to my closet bringing out all my neatly folded clothes. I returned to my suitcase to find Zephyrus standing inside it on his hind legs, giving me a wolfy grin. I laughed at him, and he hopped out, allowing me to put my stuff in. I packed my laptop, and books in it, as well as everything else that wasn't too big. I stripped the bed, and put the sheets in the laundry basket. Eric would finally learn to do everything himself.

I went back to my room satisfied at the emptiness of it. I took my suitcase, and rolled it along beside me, Zephyrus on my other side. I stopped in the kitchen to write a brief note.


I am leaving. For good.

Have a great life with the pack, and a great time knowing that you have no family to bother you anymore.

Sorry for being a pain in the ass all the time. Tell Aaron that I bid him good luck in finding his mate.


I stuck it on the fridge. It was time for a little revenge. I took off my clothes phasing, and went to tearing everything apart. I scratched curtains, couches and lampshades, biting pillows and knocking things over with my tail. I stood up happy with the mess I'd created. I wore my clothes again just in time to see Zephyrus lifting his leg on the carpet. I laughed. It was time for a new me. And with that thought I took my luggage and Zephyrus and peeled away from the house.

I now had what the lion and scarecrow needed. Courage and brains. But sadly for the tinman, my heart was broken.


Eric POV

I walked into the house. Eric was beside me. He hadn't found his mate yet. I was trying to tell him that it didn't matter, and the time would come when he would find her. I went into the living room. Everything was trashed. Couches were torn, feathers were everywhere. The curtains were hanging off their poles, the lamp shades were slashed and picture frames were askew. And a sour smell lingered in the air. I scrunched my nose and clenched my fists.

"ZEPHYRA!" I yelled. No answer. I stomped up to her room to find I bare. The only thing I saw in there was a stripped bed and a clean desk. I looked in her closet. A few coat hangers were still, and two or three lay on the floor.

"What happened here?" a hoarse voice said from the doorway. I spun on my heel to face Aaron. He held a note in his hands.

"She's gone." he croaked. He held out the letter to me, and I snatched it out of his hands starting to read.


I am leaving. For good.

Have a great life with the pack, and a great time knowing that you have no family to bother you anymore.

Sorry for being a pain in the ass all the time. Tell Aaron that I bid him good luck in finding his mate.


My eyes widened. She was a rogue now. She could be hunted down by the other rouges. Especially since she was a female. My heart thrummed and my palms sweated. Why would she do this? She's so stupid. What was the reason?

"It's because of me," Aaron choked out. "I rejected her as a mate. Kissed her, and then told her it wasn't meant to be." In a flash I backed him up against the wall. When his body hit the wall, it made a bang, and trembled.

"What's wrong with you!"I hissed at him through my teeth. "Don't you see how sensitive she is? Did you think she would take this lightly?" I let him go. I covered my face with my hands. I threw myself onto the bed.

"But who am I to talk? I ruined her life too." I whispered. And with that I ran down stairs and into the kitchen, drowning my sorrows with a bottle of Russian vodka.


"Sorry miss, but no pets allowed." The man said. I sighed and pulled out two one hundred dollar notes and pressed them into his hand.

"You were saying?" I asked. He just shook his head and gave me my keys to my room. Room 473. I dragged my bag behind me, Zephyrus tagging along behind me looking smug. I pressed the up button to the elevator; it dinged once then started escalating to the fourth floor. I waited impatiently until I heard the ding again. I opened the doors and stepped out, rolling my suitcase alongside me. 469, 470, 471, 472 aha 473. I put the key in and unlocked it, walking in and leaving my suitcase at the door, slamming it shut. I sighed and threw myself on the bed.

"Want to go for a run Zephyrus?" I asked. There was a forest just in front of this dodgy motel. He yipped as an answer. "I'll take that as a yes." I said laughing. These few hours of freedom were amazing. Nobody was there to put me down, nobody to point out my mistakes. Just me and Zephyrus. He yipped in answer and I laughed. These few hours of freedom were amazing. "C'mon then Zeph. Let's go." I got up off my bed and carried him in my arms, grabbing my key. We raced downstairs. I went to the check in desk and handed the guy my key.

"Can you take this until I come back?" he nodded and I grinned at him, walking out of the hotel. I ran quickly into the forest. The air was cool. I set Zephyrus down, and started to walk. I started to sing, and Zephyrus howled along with me. He stopped after a few minutes and then raced into the trees.

"Zeph?" I called. "Where are you going?" I followed him then stopped in my tracks. Two men were standing there, filthy and ragged. They grinned evilly at me. My eyes widened. Rouges. They grinned at me showing sets of grimy looking teeth, with spots filled with gold. My eyes widened and my lips began to tremble. Zephyrus began growling.

"Run." I whispered. I turned around and broke into a sprint. Phasing was not an option for me right now. I f I phased I would have to stay wolf for the whole night, which wouldn't be good, as my scent would me much clearer and stronger. The horrible sound of clothes tearing and bones cracking was sharp to my ears. I heard growling noises. I started to panic, and urged myself to run faster, but just as I was about to do so, one of them caught my back with his set of infected, overgrown claws. Four lines most likely visibly appeared on my back. I could feel my flesh open up, and the hot blood pour out of my wounds. I screamed and tumbled to the ground, the hard earth not helping the fresh wounds on my back. I winced in pain, shutting my eyes.

I heard their paws thud in a circle around me. I opened my eyes a tiny bit. They had stopped and were now watching me intently, as if I was their prey. I stood up quickly then realised it was the wrong move to make, as they lunged at me half a second later, ripping and tearing at my skin with their teeth and claws, growling and snarling. I gasped in pain, and once again fell on the floor. There was a throbbing pain in my wrist, and I realised in horror that it was broken. My blood was seeping out of my wounds like a river. I was going to drown in my own pool of blood. Or die from loss of it.

"Reckon we should take her to the boss?" one said to the other.

"Na, too ugly and scrawny." I swallowed. Even rouges rejected me. I gulped. One of them gasped.

"It's the pack of the district! Run!" They phased then bolted away, faster than you could say werewolf. I rolled over on my stomach then got up on all fours, holding my broken wrist cradled against my chest. I crawled towards the pack of 6 or seven wolves slowly, wincing. I stopped in front of the first one.

"Please." I rasped. "Help…Me." Not able to say anymore, I collapsed, and that was when the world around me faded to black.

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"Hey, you're cute, wanna join our pack?"

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