"You ready?" Hayden asked, sneaking a glance at me. The moonlight gave his smooth skin a blue look. I let out a shaky breath and shook my head. I bit my lower lip, blinking. Shaking my head, I turned to meet his worried gaze. Alex, standing behind me, pressed his lips to the top of my head comforting.

"No," I answered truthfully. "I should be used to it but no. I'll never be ready."

"You've done it before, you'll come out okay. It can't be all that bad, because you're used to it." Alex reassured.

"It's bad." I said.

"How bad can it be?"

"Worse than running a marathon on a track of Lego pieces while biting and burning your tongue." Hayden said bluntly.

"Ouch!" Alex winced. He sobered up.

"What time is it?" Alex asked softly. I pulled my phone from my pocket.

"11:00." I said. The transformation was nearing and I was scared out of my mind, as always.

"We should get going then." Hayden decided. I nodded. I turned around, wrapping my arms tightly around Alex's torso. He returned my embrace, kissing the crown of my head. Pulling back I faced Hayden and we raced off into the trees. I matched my pace with his, going a little slower than usual. In a few minutes, we'd made it a few miles away from the city and into a clearing, sitting and waiting for the horrors to come.


I woke up groggily to a knock at my door. I sat up, checking the time. 6:30 am. Great, only got about an hour of sleep. This wasn't normal even for my sleeping pattern. My room was empty, and it was a major possibility that Zephyrus was still out in the forest. I got out of bed, walking to the door, swinging it open to reveal Faye.

"Faye you look terrible!" I whispered. I saw her hurt look. "That came out wrong, sorry, but what's wrong?" I was right. She did look terrible. There were bags under her eyes and her cheeks were sunken. She appeared to be shivering and I could see sweat forming on her forehead and could also smell it. There was extreme heat radiating off of her body. Her legs were shaking, and she held the door frame to keep herself up.

"I have a headache and I couldn't sleep. I have a high temperature. I'm really sorry, for bothering you after the full moon, but I don't want to tell Hayden or he'll freak out! Also, you took that first aid class for two years and I know Layton went with you as well, but I had to come to you! " she wailed weakly in despair. I looked at her worriedly, and picked her up carefully, walking to her room. I put her on her bed, wrapping her in blankets.

"No," she groaned. "It's hot." I looked at her and my eyes softened.

"Faye, you're shivering." I reasoned. She sighed, keeping the blankets wrapped around her. "I'll go get you some food after I take your temperature. Any requested dish?"

"My throat kind of hurts, so soup, please." I nodded, leaving the room to head to the kitchen. I opened the medicine cabinet, retrieving the thermometer, going back up to her room. Faye smiled weakly and I took the thermometer. I put it in her ear and clicked the button, hearing the beep. Taking it out, I looked at the digital screen. My eyes widened. Her temperature was at 106.

"This can't be right." I murmured to myself.

"Huh?" she asked. I cleared my throat.

"I'll go downstairs while we wait for it and look at my options for soups." I told her. She nodded. Going downstairs and into the kitchen I checked the refrigerator, and to my dismay, it was almost empty. There was only a stick of butter, a carton of eggs and some orange juice. I opened the pantry to find it also almost bare. There was some flour, sugar and a few litre cartons of stocks. I opened the bottom cupboard and again, no luck. A couple of onions and potatoes lay in a basket. I decided to think of recipes that I could make without having to run down to the store. French Onion it is. I thought to myself. As I began to chop and caramelise the onions, I heard a loud thud. My eyes widened as I turned off the burner and sprinted up stairs, seeing Faye lying on the floor near her door.

"What did you think you were doing? "I asked, helping her up.

"I-" she began, but was cut off.

"What?" Hayden began tiredly from behind me. His eyes must have adjusted on Faye, as his tone grew alert and worried. "Faye? Are you okay? Oh gosh, what happened?" I kept a steady arm around her as I turned to face him.

"She has a fever. I think I'll move her downstairs, so it'll be easier for me to attend to her." I told him. He looked more worried as each word passed my lips. I glanced at her just to have her lean heavily on me. Her body heat was off the charts, and was very warm on my 120 degree temperature. There was sheen of sweat gathering on her face and neck.

"Faye?" My heart paced rapidly as I called her name.

"I'll take her down." Hayden told me, picking her up gently and making his way downstairs. It may not have been showing on the outside, but Hayden was most likely breaking down. By the time I was down stairs, Faye was already reclined on the cool leather couch. Hayden was pacing the room rapidly, running his hands through his messy hair. Like me, he had some small scars from last night which would fade in a couple of minutes.

"Hayden?" He looked at me. "Don't worry, just go get some more rest, you've only had an hour. It's only a fever." He looked down at her, and back to me, before agreeing, seeming slightly torn apart at the thought of leaving her alone. As soon as he left, I went into the kitchen to grab a bowl of cold water and brought it to the living room. I took a small towel from upstairs, going back down and soaked the towel, squeezing it out and laying it on her forehead. She sighed in content.

"I'm hungry." She rasped out tiredly.

"I'll go get you some food." I told her gently. I went back into the kitchen and continued to cook. I bit my lip. I was hoping that Faye would get better soon.

An hour later, I brought a tray of hot soup out to Faye. She took it thankfully, and weakly put the spoon to her lips. She sipped and hummed in approval.

"This is really good thanks so much!"

"That's okay." I smiled. About a second after I said that, six alarm clocks, including mine, went off. For a moment, I wondered why they were set, but then I realised that we had training at nine thirty am. I heard multiple groans as well as Alex's, who took the liberty of turning my alarm off as well. They all filed down and went into the kitchen.

"Where's Zephyra?" Adam asked.

"She's in the living room. Faye's sick and she's taking care of her." Hayden explained.

"What's wrong with Faye?" Oliver put in.

"She's got some kind of fever." They all then came in to see how Faye was doing. Hayden rushed to her side, about to hug her, but she refused.

"No." she said

"What? But why?" he asked a little hurt.

"Look, at any other time, I would've agreed it's just that I have a high temperature, and so do you and that won't work out well for me." It took her a lot to say that, but Hayden backed off.

"Look, there aren't any groceries, so I can't make breakfast, so your only solution is to go out for breakfast. Also, I can't make it to training." The last sentence was aimed at Adam and Jace. Both nodded, turning to the others.

"Let's go get dressed, so we can go and get back in time. If we get enough time, we can shop for groceries." Jace instructed. They all went upstairs to change except for Alex. He smiled at me. I gave him a one corner beam in return, my eyes roaming his face. His hair was stuck up in many directions, and he looked tired. He yawned.

"Good morning." I said.

"No for you." He started concerned. "Did you sleep at all?"

"Yeah," I said. "For an hour, though." His eyes widened.

"Ugh, you're making me feel bad." Faye groaned. I turned to her.

"You shouldn't. What are best friends for, right?" She smiled weakly at this, closing her eyes again.

"Zee, I won't be coming home with the boys, I was going to ask you to come downtown with me have a little fun, but since you're busy I have to go alone." He pouted and I poked his jutted bottom lip.

"I'll re-schedule that with you after Faye is all better." I shrugged. He kissed my cheek.

"Okay, bye." He said, going upstairs after the others. They all came down a little later, deciding to take Jace's car. Alex would take his own as he would be an extra and would stay in town for a couple of hours.

"Bye guys." I waved at them. They waved back, leaving the house when Layton stepped back in.

"Do you want anything?" he asked me. I shook my head.

"Not hungry. But thanks for the thought." I smiled genuinely at him. He grinned back.

"Call me if you need anything."

"Sure." I promised him. He left the house once more, closing the door behind him I gazed at Faye who was now asleep. I sighed, looking worriedly at her. I decided to go upstairs to do the laundry. I went into Oliver's room with a basket, looking in shock at the mess I found. There were socks and clothes scattered all over the place. His bed was undone, and I found a half-eaten piece of cake on his desk. I blanched, picking up all of his dirty clothes. After that, his room didn't look too bad, but I made a mental note to clean it later. Leaving his room, I was even more horrified at the sight of Hayden's room. It was like Oliver's, but one hundred times worse. I groaned, filling up the basket with his disgusting mouldy socks and boxers. I gagged, going out of there, and taking a deep breath of air. I finished checking all of the rooms, and set the load, going back downstairs.

I checked on a sleeping Faye once more, and sighed, beginning to clean the house.


"Zee, come help!" Jace yelled from the door. I ran to the door, broom in hand. All five boys were carrying at least four large grocery bags in each hand. I gawked.

"Most is still in the car, so can you take some? My arms are about to fall off!" Hayden groaned. That was only some? I whistled lowly, stepping forward and grabbing one bag from each of the boys. I went into the kitchen, hearing their footfalls close behind following me. We unloaded the rest of the bags and I checked the time. 9:20 a.m. I turned to face the boys.

"You guys should go get ready. I'll unpack these groceries." They shrugged, heading upstairs while I unloaded everything, putting them in the cabinets and the fridge. The boys had been ten minutes into their training session when I heard Faye call croakily.

"Zee, are you there?" I ran out of the kitchen and to the living room to her side, kneeling next to her.

"Are you okay?"

Y-yeah, I just want to know if you could take me outside so I can watch Hayden train. Plus I need the fresh air." She argued. I bit the inside of my lip. Looking out the window and back at her, I came up with my decision. It was quite sunny and I could hang the cloths to dry while she was out. She could also use a little sunlight.

"Okay, but only for a bit." I agreed hesitantly. She gave me a rare smile, the corners of her mouth spreading to her ears revealing her pearly whites. I smiled back. "I'm pretty sure there's a sun chair and umbrella out. I'll carry you out." I told her. I stood up, gathering her up in her bundle of blankets and carried her through the kitchen and out the glass doors. I put her in the sun chair, making her comfortable. She smiled at me gratefully.

"I'll go get the laundry, stay put." I told her. She rolled her eyes but nodded, facing the group of trainees.

"Get my iPod, will you?" I ran back inside, unloading the machine and put the wet clothes into a basket. I went into her room and shuffled through her things a little before getting her iPod out. When I reached her, she delightedly took her iPod.

"Sing along with it, please?" she asked. "My voice is pretty horrible right now, and you can sing." I laughed.

"My voice sucks! But just to clarify, you have the best vocals." I told her. A weak grin spread across her face. "Especially when Alex is playing his guitar and you guys are singing together." I sighed dreamily. She grinned even more broadly, as I grabbed a peg, and pinned a pair of jeans up.

"Yeah, that guitar gives him points." She added tiredly.

"What points?"

"Points for how attractive a guy is. I judge them on four things. I judge on personality, looks, hobbies and manliness. Alex is a thirty out of forty on my scale." I laughed and raised my eyebrows, pegging a shirt up.

"Ten taken off becauseā€¦?" I asked.

"I've never seen him get into a fight for you, like flying fists kind of thing. He's a softie." She said. I laughed.

"Isn't that meant to be a good thing? You know, that he's a softie." I said.

"I guess, to some people, like you."

"We'll he's a forty out of forty for me. A boy fights. A man walks away from it." I said. She shrugged.

"Suit yourself." Music began to blast out of her iPod speakers and I recognized the song as one of Fun's. "I love Fun." Faye sighed weakly. I hummed in agreement.

"They're pretty good."

"Hayden! Pick up your game, man," Adam called. Hayden looked torn apart. Frustration and worry were evident on his face as he got another blow to the chest.

"Adam, he's worried about Faye, I think it'd best he sat this one out, and he can train with me when Faye's okay." I suggested. Adam nodded, dismissing Hayden, who tore off towards the house. I frowned after his figure, biting my lip.

"Poor, Hayden. He doesn't have to worry about me, now I'm worrying about him." Faye wailed quietly. "I don't want to be outside anymore." She mumbled. I nodded.

"I'll put the rest of these in the dryer." I told her, picking her up once more and going back inside to the living room.


"It's so hot." Faye complained, changing the subject. She was beginning to sweat again. I bolted inside again to get the thermometer. I came out quickly, and put it in her ear, taking it out. Checking the temperature, I gasped. I sprinted to the back door.

"Layton!" I called loudly, my voice growing louder and more panicky as each syllable passed my lips. He came sprinting in.

"What is it?" I showed him the thermometer. My heart almost stopped as she gave way, and her body went slack and her eyes fluttered shut.

"Her temperature is off the charts!"

"But how, She's human; she should be dead at 112!" he exclaimed. I gave a small scream, feeling her wrist for a pulse, and calming down a little when I felt one. He continued. "Mine didn't even go this high when I was-" he cut short, and we looked at each other, disbelief and shock evident on both of our faces.

"Shifting," We breathed together.


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