Open your eyes and take in the surroundings. Recognize the living room to your family's house. It is of a moderate size, with two flower couches forming a v and a small wooden in table as the bottom of the letter. The white wall paper was in good condition, as was the brown wooden floor. Hanging down from the ceiling was a chandelier with five candles, ready to be lighted. In the back of the room was a large book shelf, holding the strangest collection, genres ranging from those of heart breaking drama and forbidden romance (most of which belong to your mother)and those of dazzling adventure and suspenseful mystery(the majority of which belong to your father).

Feet move towards the large bookshelf on their own accord. Bend down in front of it, and it does not go unnoticed to you, that you are quite a bit taller and over-all older than you were in your last flash-back. Hands reach out and grab a book, pulling it out a little and looking at it, before deciding to put it back. Grab another, look, put back, and repeat. Such a strange sensation, you ponder absently. Moving, feeling, looking and yet… Yet you are not the one actually doing it...

Attention fully turns back to your flash-back when you…or your younger self, stop in the middle of putting a book back, and jerk it towards you. Eyes catch sight of the large cursive words of: the Tales of Sherlock Holmes. The feeling of contained happiness and excitement at the discovery bubbles inside you. You always did love a good mystery! This all quickly turns to fear as you hear a sharp rapt of knuckles on wood, coming from the front door of the house. A few seconds later, you can hear your parents door opening and the pounding of your feet as your father rushes to the door. Who could that be at such a late hour?

Shaking hands clutch the book close to your heart. Get up from kneeling position on the floor and run to hide underneath the couch. It is an uncomfortable and tight fit, but a fit non the less. It is not like you were complaining though. It was really the only hiding place in the living room, and you couldn't just rush back to your bed-room, since one would have to walk right past the front door to get to it. You know that if you were caught by your father, nothing would happen except a firm scolding from him, but… If Papa found out, then there was a good chance that mother would find out also… Unconsciously shift and touch a bruise on your shoulder, hidden by the cloth of your nightgown.

Suck in a deep breath when you hear the door open and an unfamiliar man's voice speak."Detective Young."

"Ah, Hello Rodgers! Please come in and hang your coat and hat. I would offer you some tea, but…"

There is a sound of feet, the closing of the door, and the voice again."It is quite alright. If anyone should be apologizing, it should be me for bothering you at this time."

"Well, I know you would not do so without good cause," responds your Papa.

"Indeed. I have grave news about your case. There-" The voice stops short.

Papa mummers something that you can't hear, and your mother asks if something is wrong. Papa tells her to go back to bed. There is silence for a moment, before the sound of footsteps. To your utter dread, you realize that they are growing louder. Heartbeat speeds up and you do your best to even out your breathing. The double-doors to the living room swing upon, and the faint light of your Papa's candle leaks into your chosen hiding place. Eyes widen and force down panic. Resist the urge to leave the hiding place and throw yourself into your father's arms, but… What would they stranger think of the Young family if she were found? No, that wouldn't do at all. You just could not be responsible for ruining Papa's good name!

So, you became silent, still, and listened.

A loud sigh. "Three more missing Arthur. All last night, all at the same time."

You could hear a moan from your father and could just imagine him putting his head in his hands. Never had you heard him sound so depressed. He always had a smile on when with you...

"They're getting more bold Rodgers. It used be once a month, then overtime it progressed to once a week… Now three go missing in one week! And we still don't have a solid lead!" Another moan. "This is turning out just like that Jack the Ripper case. The only reason we didn't lose everything is because the killings suddenly stopped."

Rodgers was a good listener, and he waited for his partner to finish his rant before finally speaking up. "That was one time Arthur. I'm sure that if the killings hadn't stopped, you would have sooner or later found the culprit as well…"

"We Rodgers… it's we… Thank you… Let's go over the facts. We know that this is a well organized group of people kidnapping seemingly random people for unknown reasons. Lately they have been getting reckless though. They must have slipped up somewhere. Let's question the families and friends of those three now missing. Who and Where?"

Try to absorb all of the information and you hold your breath. This was it. This could be your first lead to find… find what? Why were you so interested in this case that took place years ago? None the less, you listened eagerly for the answer, but it never came. At the very moment everything became distorted and try as you might to hold on to the memory, it slips away. Blink rapidly and look around to see that you are back in the forbidden forest with Spots and Blue staring at you in shock.

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