A fire burned in patches amidst the rubble of the war torn city. The heroes lay beaten and bloodied on the ground. Footsteps approached the three figures. A man around his 40's stood, hovering over them, inspecting the damage. "Not very impressive for the stories I heard about you three. Tsk tsk tsk, a measly 1000 man army and myself took down the heroes of prophesy?" the warlord questioned the slowly dying boy of 14, knowing very well the answer. "you used them like pawns, we shredded them down but they kept coming. They overpowered us. You had them kill innocent people, you crippled an entire city just to stop you from taking over the world. You're no hero, you're a monster. We will end you, I promise you that, we will wipe you from the universe." Jem said crawling away towards his dying friends. "I think not, see, for you and your friends jem, you will die and I will rule and there's nothing you can do to stop me" the soon-to-be-emperor Dominic said placing his boot covered foot upon Jem's head while waving to his men to place there swords at the necks of Courtney and Aerith. Guys, I know you can hear me. Release your powers so we may choose new heroes to save this world from destruction. Jeb telepathy told Courtney and Aerith. Right, but who do we pick? Aerith thought to Jeb, looking toward him with a look of pain. We shall know when the time comes. We pick based on their hearts. Courtney thought to them, being the smartest of the trio. "Tut tut tut, why don't you say what you want aloud so dear old Dominic can hear what you're saying? No? You don't want to share? Pity. Captain, dispose of the girls." Dominic said before smashing Jeb's head, killing him instantly.

"Ugh! Huh? I-it was just a dream? Damn, I really thought I was that guy. That dream seemed so real." Anthony thought to himself as he woke up and left his room to meet his best friends Elica and Aileen. He walked down the dirt road to Elica's house which was closer than Aileen's which was a grueling 15-mile hike where as Elica's residence was only 3 miles. "It had to be a dream, there are no cities that looked like that since...actually, I don't think anyplace ever looked like that." He continued thinking to himself, the dream really affecting him. Growl. "Hmm must be hungry. I hope Elica made breakfast" he said out loud as he was rounding the last corner, forests of trees on both sides of him, coming up towards the farmland which had a large home resting in the middle of the property. "Anthony hi!" Elica shouted in glee as she ran up to Anthony and hugged him. "It's been awhile mister, where have you been?" she teasingly scolded him. "You know same old same old." He said leaning against the tree, trying to act cool. "So nothing, Anthony?" "Well…ok, yeah I haven't been doing anything. But it's too long of a walk to come see you and Aileen since you two don't live close enough to the town." "Hey guys!" Aileen said running down the road making a group hug with her two friends. "Aileen, long time no see. How have you been?" Anthony said while trying to break from the bone crushing hug Aileen put them in. "Hmm, my dad was sent off to join the military and my brother broke his legs so I had to do the work to make the money. My brother's legs finally healed so my mom said I could hang out with you guys today. Can you believe we only have 3 weeks left until we go back to school? It sucks!" she replied, finally letting Anthony and Elica breath after breaking the hug. "Uhh…Elica, did you follow her? Aileen, we know you're happy to see us but you have to slow down, we can't talk as fast as you, you know." "Yeah, but you two should learn how to keep up with me, 'cuz im not gonna slow down for a second!" Aileen exclaimed pulling out a pocky stick, a rare delicacy for the town they reside in. "Aileen, is that a box of pocky? Gimme some! Anthony, help me get some from her!" Elica commanded reaching for the box while Aileen kept her away from it by putting her hand on Elica's face. While Aileen was distracted, Anthony hugged her from behind and lifted her up so Elica could get the box. "Hehe, good thing that box is empty and I have another full box in my pocket," Aileen thought to herself…or so she thought. "Aileen, why would you say that out loud? Now we're gonna have to hold you down and take your pocky," Anthony said while Elica and Aileen stared at him in confusion. "She didn't say anything Anthony." "Actually, that was what I thought but how could you hear me?" Aileen said. "I don't know, I…" Anthony puts his hand to his forehead and groans before he falls to the floor unconscious. "Anthony!" Aileen and Elica scream in unison, dropping to their knees to check on him.