My heart bleeds and you wanna know why?

It bleeds for all the abuised kids bleeds for all the homeless kids

It bleeds from all the injustice bleeds from all the pain people face

It bleeds for the heartbroken people the used and thrown aside people

It bleeds for suicidal people people who think they are unwanted,unloved

It bleeds for druggies people who just don't care if they live or not

It bleeds for homeless people people who think they're mistakes

It bleeds for people who are mistreated talked about,made fun of

It bleeds for all the popular people and the people with low selfesteem because of them

It bleeds for the neglected the worked to death

It bleeds just thinking of some poor kid out there going through this, it kills me that no one even knows it happens to them nor helps the until its to late and it espically because I can't do anything to help kids going through this its so sad when you think about it and I can't help but wonder why it is that a poor,innocent child has to deal with this bull crap everyday