Different Together: Chapter 1


I rolled over my bed and reached out to grab my old phone which was bleeping like crazy. It was Lisa.

Lisa Hawk is my epically weird best friend. She has jet black hair, green eyes like peppermint and a crazy-cool sense of humor. Her mum is huge in buisness so she's well off, unlike my family who live in a coucil house, and goes to a dead posh secondary grammar school with all the other richies. Clever clogs. Naw, I love her really.

Can u meet me and Sal at Holly Bush in 10? L xx

I grinned. Sally Mason is our other best friend, with wild curly brown hair and bright blue eyes. She's richer than me and poorer than Lisa.

And the Holly Bush is the local cafe where the 13 - 16 year olds hang out, us being the lowest age there. They do the best fairy cakes. And cheese sandwiches. Can you guess what my regular meal is? We always get good deals because Sal's uncle owns the place.

U comin or wat? L xx

Did I mention we love each other, really? We do, trust me.

Count me in xx Harrie

I pressed send.

'Mum!' I yelled from my attic room,'I'm going to see the girls at the Bush!'

'OK, darling, be back before 6 for tea,'

'Will do,' I grabbed my purse and phone and left the house. I opened the shabby purse to check how much money I had. £20, cheese sandwich is £2, cake is £1,we get 50% off so... £1.50 gone, and I'll almost certainley find a must-have bargain in a charity shop, so about £15 left. That should do.

While I'm walking, I'll explain about me. My name is Harriet (Harrie for short) Robyn Parke, I'm 13, I go to St. Edwards Secondary School, I have dark brown wavy hair and I'm quite poor. My family is My mum, Robyn, my dad, Oliver, my little sister, Melissa (5), My older sister, Lauren (15), My little brother, Michael (3) and my older brother Michael (16).

We're pretty notorious, us Parke's. Melissa and James are the naughtiest kids EVER, Lauren is a bit of a slob but strangely popular and Michael is the town's flirt and jock. Mum works in an office and Dad in the local garage. People think we're a pretty cool family from the outside but truthfully, we're a mess.

We live in Foxbourough in England, the loveliest village ever. We're also long time supporters of the local football team.

I would explain more, but I'm outside the Holly Bush now.

Heaven, I have arrived. Prepare the sandwich and don't forget the cake.

I walked in, the bell tinkling. I glanced around to see who was in. Well, there was my two girls, a couple in year 10 and two boys from year 9. The usual.

I waved at Lisa and Sally and mouthed, 'Be over in a minute,' They nodded and carried on with their smoothies.

'Next! Oh, Hello, Harrie,' Sal's uncle smiled at me and put my order on a tray. Hell, he dosen't even have to ask now.

'£1.50, please,' I handed over he money, picked up the tray and began to walk to our window booth. Unfortunately I lost my footing on a loose tile and tripped, sending my sandwich flying into the air alonng with my fairy cake. Luckily for me, I fell on my bottom.

I looked up to see my food flying through the air, as if in slow motion I reached out to grab it, missing the sandwiches but just getting my hand on the fairy cake. By now, the whole cafe was in shock. Or, in Lisa and Sally's case, laughing their bum's off.

I scowled at them, walking back to the counter to get another sandwich.

'This is on the house,' Sally's uncle winked.

I grinned,'Ta, Raymond. I owe you,'

This time not tripping, I made my way over to out booth AGAIN.

They looked at me. It was a 'We-know-you-just-tripped-so-suck-it' look.

Scowling, I sat down.

'Bog off,'

This sent them into fits of giggles. I know, I'm a comic genius.

'You've got a slice of cheese in your...hair!' Lisa spluttered out in between giggles. I raised an eyebrow and patted my hair. Sure enough, a yellow square slipped off.

You've got to laugh.

'So... did you hear about the new boy? He's coming after the holidays,' Sally said smirking at me.

'Uh...no. Should I have?' I inquired.

'Apparently, he was a major flirt,'. Lisa.

'Was?'. Moi.

'Is,'. Lisa.

'Get your grammar right,' Moi.

'You're the one who DOES NOT go to a grammar school,' Sally.

'Whatevs,' I slurped my milkshake, 'Where are we going after this?'

'Mars,' Sally said. I think it was her birthtown.

'YAY!' And Lisa's.