Different Together: Chapter 4


Urgh. School.

I rolled lazily over, slamming my fist on my alarm clock. I could already hear Sky News blazing on the telly and the toaster going off repetitively. That happens a lot in a family of seven: Toaster popping, screaming, fridge opening, microwave beeping. Everything.

I slipped on my polka dot dressing gown and fluffy orange slippers, leaving my small, homely room. I love my room. It's got plain white walls with random drawings I'd put on and posters of pop stars. My carpet was a turquoise colour, littered with packets of Maltesers, socks and random school books.

The stairs and the rest of the house were always littered with anything no one could be arsed to put away.

In the kitchen, everyone was in their pyjamas and eating breakfast. I downed some Cornflakes quickly, finishing in a matter of minutes.

The thing is, I don't really hate school, I suppose. You know how I said Lisa and Sally were totally different from me? It's true. I'll give you 5 reasons how they're different from me.

Lisa Skye Hawk, Born 22nd March 1998, Age 13.

Is super rich.

Goes to a dead posh school, Lady Alice Carrington's. (Hense the 'is rich' )

Has family problems (Lost her mum, age 3, doesn't see her dad. Lives with grandparents)

Absolutely HATES any boy band me or Sally like. (Who the hell can hate McFly, One Direction, JLS AND The Wanted?)

Absolutely HATES any clothes me or Sally like.

Sally Allison Mason, Born 10th February 1998, Age 13.

Doesn't like carrots. (And she calls herself a Directioner! Psh)

Kind of medium money.

Has a completely ORDINARY, NOT MESSED UP family.

Is totally obsessed with shoes. She has 40 pairs, which is saying something.

Can go hyper by eating sushi, which is actually pretty cool.

It's actually funny sometimes, because Lisa will refuse to be in the same room as you if you play anything by one of those boybands: She loves Usher.

I was packing my bag when Michael barged in. I raised my eyebrows.

'You are not welcome in here, bruv,' I said, cracking my fists.

'Ooh, such sisterly love. Will it make it up to you if I but you a Chocolate Orange?' He said, grinning. Damn him, he knows I love them.

'Aw, Go on then. Cheers,' I called as he shook his head fondly and walked out the door.

I was all packed, my hair was… well, messy. My uniform was… messy. (Come on. A white shirt, a red blazer which is often discarded by 2nd lesson and a black pleated skirt)


'Marie Hutchins,'


'Jamie Jones,'


'Theo Lambert,' Who? I looked around the class, hoping to find 'Theo'. It turned out he was right behind me.

'Here,' he said nonchalantly. He was cute, very cute. Brown spiky hair, blue eyes and just generally cool looking. Maybe the new guy Sally and Lisa were talking about. I turned around again, pretending not to care.

In my class, 9ICA (Miss. Isla Camp), I had two close friends. Amani Ali, a girl with black hair and a huge smile and Aaron Poynter, blonde hair and green eyes. They are totally in love with each other, just not telling anyone. ALAS! I'M A THIRD WHEEL!

As soon as the bell rang, I dashed out of class to catch up with Aaron and Amani, who had ditched me, the bastards.

'Wotcher,' Aaron grinned at me. I slung my arms around them.

'Good ol' school, what can beat it?' I said, patting their cheeks.

'Nothing,' Amani said bluntly. Me and Aaron laughed.

'Biology with Mr. Plum. God save us,' I groaned. I heard a snort from behind me.

'Mr. Plum? Seriously?' It was the Theo guy. I rolled my eyes.

'Ha. You think his name's bad? Trust me, mate, his dress sense is worse. Purple suit, green shirt. Never changes, does it?' I laughed, turning to Aaron and Amani.

'Never,' They confirmed. I smiled at Theo.

'Theo. Short for Theodore ,' Theo stuck out his hand.

'Harrie. Short for Harriet' I shook it.

'What are we, the Queen's corgis?' Aaron joked smiling.

'No, the Queen's cleaners, you unworthy people,' I smirked. They laughed. Aaron introduced himself as Amani, earning a hit on the arm from Amani. He'd do anything for physical contact with that girl. Which sounds wrong…

We all sat down in our separate seats, getting out our books and waiting for Mr. Plum to arrive. 'Pst! Hannah!' I turned around, feeling a prod on my back. It was Frankie Clark, class bimbo. EUGH.

'Harrie,' I corrected her, scowling.

'Whatever. Who's the guy?' She said, jerking her head towards Theo. I turned my chair around completely.

'Theo Lambert. Did that shirt squeeze the ability to hear out of you?' I asked, smiling sweetly and referring to her tight shirt. She rolled her eyes.

'No, I heard. I mean, does he fancy me?' I gaped at her.

'Come on, I've known him for under 4 minutes. He's not going to come up to me and say, 'You know, what girl over there who looks like her shirt is going to explode is really hot!'' I informed her.

'Ha ha. Seriously, did he?' I raised my eyes to the skies.

'No, it's like I said. 4 minutes. Hell, I only spoke to him for 30 seconds,' I mentally face palmed Frankie and her lack of a very simple thing called common sense.

'Girls, please continue your conversation out of my classroom,' Mr Plum's booming voice rang around the room. Me and Frankie turned around, opening our books.


'Freaking finally! I thought that would never end!' I yowled as we left Art, our final lesson before the lunch hour. The three of us, being me Aaron and Amani, went to our normal spot: On the wall by the music room.

'You done your Maths homework?' Amani asked, pulling hers out.

'Shit,' I cursed, 'No! Is that due for today?' Amani nodded and handed hers to me, giving me permission to copy.


School was over, finally. I dashed to my locker, to find Theo had the one next to me.

'Hiya!' I greeted him, stuffing random papers into my bag in an attempt to tidy my locker.

'Hey. This your locker?' He asked, shutting his.

'Nah, I just like randomly opening someone else's and tidying it,' I said sarcastically. He put his hands up.

'Alright, sorry,' He said, grinning.

'Bye, then,' I said cheerfully, walking off. I put in the earphones of my third hand mp3 player. My favorite McFly song, Star Girl, began to play. I smiled and went to the place where I met the girls after school: Star Corner Shop.

I was there in 5 minutes and 2 songs later, I was there. I walked in.

'Heya!' I waved, hugging them.

'Hows you?' Sally asked me, leaning on the counter.

'Decent,' I replied, lunging into an account of my day. Sally and Lisa, as always, had an ace day. Why can't I have a little bit more money?