What are you doing here?

What could have went through Cain's mind as God questioned him about the murder of his brother. Please R&R!

Oh no, He's caught me!

I shouldn't have done it. I really shouldn't have killed him, my only brother. But before I knew it, the rage that had built up inside me was unleashed upon him, and before I could blink, he was dead.

I ran. I ran away from there. My parents, my life, everything I'd ever known. Even God, I thought.

But He still found me.

"Where are you, Cain?"

"Here I am, Lord."

"Where is your brother Able, Cain?"

"I don't know. Am I my Brother's keeper?" I replied. Maybe, if I lied, God wouldn't find out. I should've known better than that. The Lord is everywhere. He is God, He knows everything.

"Oh Cain! What have you done? Your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground! So now you are cursed. When you work the ground, it will no longer yield its fruit to you. You will become a vagabond on the earth!" God cursed me.

I fell down on my knees and begged for mercy. "My punishment is too hard to bear! I will be killed if anyone finds me!"

"Then I will mark you, lest anyone that should harm they will not." God answered.

Immediately I felt a pain on my forehead. The Lord branded me so that anyone that would come to kill me would see that if he did he would become as cursed as I.

Then God left me.

I swear I could hear Him crying out at the thought of my dead brother Able.

I've been hiding from my parents in this wilderness for some time now.

And each day I can still see the blood beside my brother's body, pooling out of him. Why did I do it?


Only God knows why I did what I did, and even then, why did he allow it?

Seeing as I am only human, I will never know.

As I wander through the dessert, I sometimes wonder how life would have been like if I had controlled my emotions more efficiently.

Now I'll never know.

We could have been laughing over dinner right now if I hadn't killed him. If god had somehow intervened. I blame Him for my rage, my brother's death, my exile.

My parents won't accept me if I return. Not that I plan to. If God has cast me away from them and Himself, I shall stay away!

It is their loss, not mine.

In all of my life, I never thought that this is what I would become.

The world's first murderer.

Please remember that this is what might have gone through his mind! What he actually thought, now that's pure imagination. I'll leave you to speculate on that. – rellimes