By ItsTotallyAwesome

I never thought the family would come back, not after what they had done. But then I saw them driving down the street. And what was worse, they were pulling up in front of the rental house next door! It was late in the afternoon and I was sitting out on the balcony reading my book (which is what I always do at this time) when I heard the sound of a car. I normally block out the sound of cars when I am reading, I have gotten used to it. For some reason this car seemed to catch my attention. Maybe it was the way the engine revved, maybe it was the screech of the tyres as it pulled in next door or maybe, just maybe, it was because it was a familiar sound. A sound linked with horrific and tear-inducing memories. But whatever the reason, once I saw the car, I wished I hadn't. All I could see in my head was blood and flesh. I could almost hear the screams of my mother, her pleading to them. "Let them go." I could hear her voice, ever so softly but it was definitely there.

When I came back to reality the family were in the process of getting out of the car. The Skeets (weird name right?) used to live here before... the incident. At a glance they were actually pretty normal. There were 5 of them in total, six if you include their dog. The mother, Genevive Skeet, was a tall, lanky woman with incredibly light hair. Then there were the twins Darcy and Dwaine. These were two very handsome boys. Though as handsome as they were, their twisted minds seemed to put people off trying to get to know them. At school you could find them dwelling in the library in the section with all the horror books. I have only been there once myself and I don't plan on going back any time soon... Anyway, the fourth member of the family is Kali Skeet. She is the daughter and doesn't really fit in with the rest of her family. She likes to hang around with the 'nerds' so to speak. We were actually very good friends until... whatever.

There was one person I did not expect to see get out of the car and that was Colt Skeet. He is the father, and also a criminal. He is serving time in jail for manslaughter. Or should I say, my-family-slaughter. He is one of the most sick, twisted and downright morbid people I have ever met. He has a fetish for flesh, and I am not sure whether it is a disease or whether he is just crazy, but I do know that his family are just as unwanted here as he is. They helped him, and got away with it! They ACTUALLY got away with it.

The question is, what are they doing here? And what more, what is going to happen next?