The Hanging

A large crowd gathers round,
To see this great event,
Peasants, Knights, and Nobles,
Listen to a man's lament.

As children join the crowd,
Their mothers guard their eyes,
For they know what lies ahead,
So they look towards the skies.

They pray for his soul,
Although he has done wrong,
The king said "He is guilty,
I have known it all along"

"The kings made up his mind,
The execution date it set,
But let's give this man a chance to speak,
For we have not hanged him yet.

So Hear ye, Hear ye,
Harken to this man's tale."
He told of how he had been wronged,
A story of betrayal.

"I'm innocent, I'm innocent!"
They heard the poor man cry,
But no matter how he pleaded,
He was sure to die.

As he was taken to the hangman's noose,
Thoughts rushing through his head,
The rope was placed around his neck,
Soon he would be dead.

The crowd goes silent with a hush,
As the sceptacle begins,
And the cracking of his neck gave,
Goosebumps on their skin.