Chapter 7

The dragons of the clan were tired after the long route from the gathering to the camp. It was dawn at this point. The warriors that were not as tired as the rest of the dragons went out hunting. Green-Summer went with them. The truth was over. Of course Gold-Scale would be trying to avenge his clan's defeat.

Red was slightly disappointed when Shadow left the camp. She wanted to spend some more time with him. Red signed in defeat. Besides, she would have to tend to the warriors wounds from the battle with Meadowclan.

Red grabbed several herb leaves in her mouth and tried to find Warriors that were injured.

Not many warriors were injured. Red-Thorn had an infection. Red-Leaf-In-The-Fall was able to chew some herbs and put the pulp on the infection.

"That should make you better soon." Red-Leaf-In-The-Fall told Red-Thorn.

The older red dragon nodded and disappeared into his den.

Shadow was hunting. So far he had not caught anything. Every time he was about to leap on prey he thought of Red. The thought of Red distracted him from his prey.

Shadow was on his fourth deer. He had missed three of them. Shadow snapped a twig under his feet and the deer went bounding away. Shadow growled in frustration and chased after it. He crossed the border of Waterclan territory.

The deer slowed down and Shadow easily killed it with a swift blow of his claws. Shadow suddenly scented a Waterclan dragon. He was just about to a give a warning to the others in the hunting party when he realized that he passed the border. Shadow snatched up the deer and was about to fly away when something grabbed his tail.

"Stealing from Waterclan, huh?" Shadow turned around and saw a brown dragon.

"What do you have there?" Another voice asked.

"It appears to be a prisoner from Forestclan, Birch-Bark." The brown dragon answered.

"I'll get the rest of the hunting patrol and you take his dragon to Blue-Wing." Birch-Bark said.

Dragons blocked Shadow's escape as he walked to the camp. Shadow knew that this could not be good. Shadow knew the rules of the dragon clans. If a dragon trespassed on another dragon clan's territory, and the dragon clan did not want the dragon back, the dragon would be killed.

Nightfall came the dragons of Forestclan wondered where Shadow was. He had been gone since dawn. Red paced back and forth in the midwife's den. Like the rest of the clan, she was worried.

Outside, Red heard Green-Summer organize a search patrol. Red ran out of the den to volunteer. Unluckily, Green-Summer shook his head.

"I'm afraid you can't go Red. If another dragon clan has captured Shadow, we will go into battle. If a dragon gets injured, you need to be able to treat it." Green-Summer said.

Red signed in disappointment and watched as Green-Summer called random names. Then the dragon patrol disappeared into the forest.