Just before I begin;

Italics –thoughts/daydreams

Bold –text messages

Chapter 1 – Daydream in unison

Girls POV

Okay, so I guess I just have to admit it. I like him. I really, really like him. I mean, he is a gentleman for one thing and that is an incredibly hard trait to come across in teenage boys. He is also very attractive which always helps.

But as I sit here and watch him playing football with the boys I can't help but feel that this is more than just an infatuation.

Okay, so maybe he isn't my most socially acceptable match, but why couldn't I give this a try? I haven't let the 'social standards' of high school hold me down so far, so why should I start now?

I hear a grunt as he is tackled to the ground by an opponent on the other team, and I can't help but giggle. He is just too cute when he is defeated.

And then I began thinking; What if it was me who was rolling around on the ground with him, laughing?

Just for a second, it would be as if it were he and me alone. The mud that had coated our clothes and the stares of our fellow students (and probably a few teachers) wouldn't matter.

And at that moment when we stop laughing and just look into each other's eyes, that is when it would happen. We would both lean in knowing it was right and...

"Ughh" I hear as he is once again tackled to the ground and I am once again awoken from a daydream.

And I suppose that that is just it. I will just have to be content with daydreaming, with admiring him from afar, as I am sure that he doesn't have reciprocating feelings...

You're not supposed to make me feel this way.

Boys POV

As we roll around on the ground, and as I tickle her, I can't wipe this goofy grin off my face. I love to make her smile, and being this close to her, I am almost close enough to kiss her. Our faces merely inches apart, Both of us staring longingly into eachothers eyes. I am trying to comprehend how one person can show so much emotion through a single stare, and then we lean in, knowing that it is right, closing the space between us and...

"Come on dude! Are you playing or not? Stop just standing there and DO SOMETHING!" I heard my teammate yell which unfortunately brought me out of my daydream.

I am not sure why she makes me feel this way, but every time I look at her, I see something that I want, that I need.

And with these god damned day dreams that are becoming ever so frequent, I hardly have time to think rationally. All I know is that I like her... a lot.

I know that I am in the middle of a football game and I am supposed to be focusing on the ball, but she is just across the oval, I have a perfect view of her. And on an overcast day like today when the clouds make the light from the sun white, it makes her look as if she were glowing. She always looks as if she were glowing.

And then I was on the ground, tackled in a heap. I was once again rudely interrupted from my daydream. And, is that giggling I hear? The same giggling that I have heard several times in my daydreams and fantasies.

I look up and sure enough, there she is, laughing at me. Not as to mock or humiliate, but to comfort. Our eyes meet each other for a second but she pulls away shyly. She is so adorable.

To most, a shy 'pull-away manoeuvre' at the meeting of two sets of eyes, would be a dead giveaway that she was interested in me. But she is just like that, you know? She couldn't like me back...

Could she?

You're not supposed to make me feel this way.