Chapter 2 - Make a move

Girls POV

"You know I had a lot of fun tonight, it's a shame the others couldn't make it though" Dave said, hand intertwined with mine. There was something about his smile that led me to believe he didn't completely mean the latter.

"I had fun too." I replied, and I know I have the biggest, goofiest smile on my face right now but I don't care.

We continued to walk down the street in a comfortable silence until my house came into view. He lets out an annoyed sigh which makes my heart rate speed up. That means that he wants to stay with me.

As we approach the door he squeezes my hand a little tighter as if not wanting to let go. I happily turn to face him and give him a long hug. He lets go of my hand to wrap his arms around my waist but I am happy to oblige as I wrap my arms around his neck. The hug is broken but we stay in the same positions, arms wrapped around each other, gazing into each other's eyes. And then his gaze is broken, flickering between my eyes and... my lips?

Before I am able to think I am leaning in to kiss him and he seems to be doing the same thing, our lips only millimetres apart and...

My phone vibrated and I was awoken from my daydream. As I regained awareness of my surroundings I realised that, to my dismay, I was not on my front doorstep with Dave's arms around my waist, about to kiss him. I was in fact at a bus stop, waiting for my bus to arrive so I could go to school.

I pull my phone out of my pocket and see that I have a text message from... Dave! My tummy does that little flipping routine it seems to do every time there is even the slightest mention of Dave.

Hey, are you still coming to school today? I heard we were having a sub and would really like someone to talk to during class :) –Dave

I spend a little longer than what is probably necessary staring at the text I just got. Something seemed strange, and I couldn't quite put my finger on it but I texted back in reply.

Yeah, I will be at school. The bus seems to be running a little but late but I'm sure it will be here soon :) –Tegan

And then it hits me. He is writing in full sentences and his words aren't abbreviated. To most this would just seem like a normal change.

Maybe he just wanted to develop his writing skills...

Or maybe, just maybe, he liked me?

I know it sounds farfetched, but what if that is it. I mean, he even put an emoticon at the end... the little smiley face.

Hmmm. It seems that I have some investigating to do...

Boys POV

"Thanks for coming over and helping me study."

I was trying to sound as cool, calm and collected as I could, but I am almost certain she could hear the nerves in my voice and was just being polite by not saying anything.

She giggled and said "Really, it's fine. I am always happy to help, especially when it's you that I am helping."

So many things are rushing through my head now and I can't help but think that she's... is she flirting?

With... me?

No, she couldn't be. I am probably just reading her body language and deciphering her speech in the way that I want it to come across. Her intentions are probably innocent and I am sure she only means to help. Although her smile and the giggle coming out of it would suggest otherwise.

I love the way she giggles. It is adorable. And her smile is just... you know? And her lips, well personally I think the only thing they should be is enclosed in mine but that is just my opinion. I know that my gaze has now moved from my textbook to her lips but I really couldn't care less. Tegan is here, in my bedroom, possibly flirting, and we are trying to study?

She looks up at me, obviously curious as to why I am staring at her, but I can't stop thinking about her lips, which are now moving. Oh, she's talking, I should probably listen.

"... are getting distracted we can always go downstairs and get something to eat. I am feeling quite hungry myself, but you aren't concentrating on your work and that is why we are here."

"Yeah. Sure." But as soon as she goes to stand, my hand develops a mind of its own and grabs hers, pulling her back down to my level. Our faces are so close, lips millimetres apart. But she isn't struggling as I would have expected her to. She seems to be contemplating moving in. Actually she is moving in and...

"Hello Mr. Carrington. Are you alright? You look a little but spaced out."

"What? Oh, sorry. Yes Miss, I am fine. Just daydreaming is all." It was the truth. It was just a harmless little daydream. That meant nothing...

Well maybe it meant something, a lot actually. I wonder if I should tell her. I mean, we are sort of friends and it couldn't hurt if we at least got to know each other a bit more...

As the teacher walked away with a sceptical look on her face I pulled out my phone and decided to text Tegan. But what am I supposed to say? Just be friendly, bring up something that would be considered normal. I began writing the text but decided I wasn't being thoughtful enough:

Hey, r u still cumin 2 skool 2day? I heard...

And then I stopped. She deserves more!

Hey, are you still coming to school today? I heard we were having a sub and would really like someone to talk to during class :) –Dave

Yes, that is much better.

The wait for the text back is a little longer than I thought it would be but at least she actually texted back.

Yeah, I will be at school. The bus seems to be running a little but late but I'm sure it will be here soon :) –Tegan

Hmm. Full sentences, words not abbreviated and a smiley at the end... That seems unusual. I mean, I know that I wrote it properly aswell but, I like her. I have a reason.

She couldn't... she, she, she doesn't.

She doesn't like me does she?

It seems I have some investigating to do.