Allen stood up, facing Annul Sjena and the group of twitchers. Annul Sjena laughed and scratched his chin.

"Hmm, now where have I seen this before?" Annul Sjena said. "Ah yes, that's right! This is the way the worm, whom I'm currently in the body of, was killed. He thought he defeated me, but he failed and my servants killed him. And then I possessed his corpse, and I brought about the Apocalypse on this filthy world!"

"I won't fall," Allen said. Suddenly, one of the twitchers walked forwards, it arms stretched out and its head moving from side to side. Allen turned and fired a shot from his Colt at the twitcher. The blast hit the twitcher, knocking it back against the ground.

Suddenly, something hit Allen on the back of the head. The blow knocked Allen against one of the shelves, and a toy camel bounced off Allen's head. Annul Sjena rubbed his remaining hand, blood still dripping out of the stump where his other hand used to be.

Annul Sjena then lunged at Allen, his single hand going for Allen's throat. A twitcher lunged at Allen at the same time. However, Allen swung his foot upward, kicking the twitcher's faceless head and knocking it to the ground. Allen ran forward, grabbing onto Annul Sjena and beginning to grapple with him.

Annul Sjena snarled, his red eyes locking with Allen's.

"A pitiful attempt," Annul Sjena said, twisting. Allen could feel his strength and realized he wouldn't be able to hold on much longer. "Just give up and die, like good little insect."

"How about this," Allen said. "You shut up!"

Allen then let go of Annul Sjena and hit him in the side of the face with his Colt Python. There was a crunch as Annul Sjena's jaw broke, and he stumbled backward.

Allen looked down at the pages, and was about to continue reading them, when a pair of hands seized his shoulders and pulled him back. Allen turned, and saw a twitcher holding him. Allen tried to struggle free, but saw another twitcher approaching him from the front. This twitcher was holding a pair of knives in its pale hands hands, and raised them above its twitching head, its arms convulsing as it did so.

Allen's eyes widened, and he yelled, twisting around himself around and managing the throw the twitcher holding him in front of him. The knife-wielding twitcher swung its knives downward, stabbing the first twitcher in the backside. The first twitcher let go of Allen, its arms convulsing faster. It fell to the floor, and the second twitcher paused, looking down at its fallen companion.

Allen seized the window of opportunity, and tried to fire his Colt. However, there was a click and Allen realized his gun was out of bullets. The second twitcher looked up, and Allen ran forward, slamming into the monster and knocking it to the floor.

Allen looked down, and grabbed the one of the knives impaled in the first twitcher's backside. Allen pulled it out, the knife making a wet noise, and he slammed it downward, stabbing the second twitcher in the head. The twitcher convulsing violently, and its arms reached upward for Allen's throat. However, it stopped moving a second later, and its arms collapsed at its sides.

Allen took a deep breath, and heard a roar behind him. Allen turned, and a fist slammed into his jaw. Allen was thrown backward by the floor, and he could taste blood in his mouth. However, he managed to keep his footing, and looked to see Annul Sjena approaching him.

Annul Sjena's tried to smile, but his broken jaw made that impossible. He began to talk, his broken jaw clearly not impeding his speech, and Allen felt sickened at the sight.

"Well, well, looks like you've taken out my servants again," Annul Sjena said. "You can't destroy me. No matter how much damage you do to this body, I will remain alive."

Allen didn't answer, and ran back, and read the pages again, picking up where he left off.

"Never again shall your unholy creations walk the lands!" Allen screamed. Annul Sjena roared, his single hand grabbing onto his eyes. He writhed, his arms twisting back and forth. He then snarled, and lunged at Allen. But Allen managed to sidestep him, and Annul Sjena went past him.

"You...cannot...!" Annul Sjena roared, turning around, his red eyes full of fury and hate. But he was sounding weaker, his voice more distant. "Your...just a...filthy worm!"

"Yep," Allen said. "And I'm going to kill you!"

Allen read the last sentence, saying, "Now, Annul Sjena, I name you and command you, by the power of the Great One, Shanozeb, to leave this plane and never return! By Shanozeb's word, LEAVE THIS WORLD!"

Annul Sjena screamed, his broken jaw opening, bones cracking and breaking as he did. Red smoke flew out of his mouth, and the red glow faded from Annul Sjena's eyes. The human body fell to the floor, landing amidst some fallen merchandise. The red smoke twisted unnaturally in the air, and Allen could swear he saw shapes moving inside it, like man's bleeding skull, the image of a monstrous spider, and a giant, golden eyeball floating over what looked like a pyramid.

A red portal suddenly opened behind the red smoke, and Allen heard Annul Sjena's voice roar from within the smoke.

"THIS IS NOT THE END!" Annul Sjena screamed, as the red smoke began to get sucked into the portal. "YOUR WORLD LIES IN RUINS! YOU WILL DIE ALONE, ALONE AMONG THE ROTTING DEAD!"

Annul Sjena's words devolved into a language that Allen could not understand, and the rest of the red smoke was sucked into the red portal. The portal then vanished, the only remnants of it being the smell of sulfur.

Allen looked down at the mangled corpse of James Marcen lying on the floor. Allen leaned down, and closed James Marcen's eyes.

"I'm sorry," Allen whispered. "But you tried."

A few minutes later, the doors of the Museum were pushed open, and Allen walked outside. He looked up at the sky, and saw the red clouds were gone. The sun was shining overhead, and some white clouds were beginning to gather.

Allen pocketed his empty Colt Python and adjusted his fedora. He looked at the war-torn streets, which were now completely quiet. The only noise was Allen's footsteps as he walked down the stairs. Allen looked back at the Museum one last time, and then walked off into the empty city.

There was work to be done.