It Would Be Better If We Were All Stars (Jan 14)

Hear the whispering wind
wandering through the trees
with the lonely moon above the sky.
The stars, the shining stars,
they burn alongside the planets
and it makes me wonder that if they burn so much
how come they don't feel pain at all?

To burn alive, to burn your life
being the only purpose you have
can it fill your soul?
Can you really feel fulfilled,
even if you're alone?

Is being alone not bad at all?
I kinda think it is and it isn't.
Being alone means you don't have to take bullshit from us human beings.
However, what will you do, when you're trying to sleep, in the dead of night,
thinking about being needed, thinking about having something to share
to someone by the end of this evening?

Maybe it would be better that we were all stars.
That way, in unison, we would all shine.
And not worry about having to be alive, nor having to die.

Hello, and welcome to "Words A Day 2011: The Collection". This is a compilation of the best poems that I wrote during my 2011 endeavors of writing a poem a day. I hope you enjoy them, and if you enjoy them a lot, leave a review if you want. Happy 2012.