The Hangover Of The Year (The End And The End) (Dec 31)

This day is almost over
and I just feel the hangover
of this year.
Somehow, my mind is at ease,
but not quite at peace
as this is a time where you remember
what you did wrong and what you fucked up
and you blame yourself and hate yourself
but hey, it's all part of the end.

A reflection on what we did
and a retrospective of our misdeeds
that we'll forever carry for the rest of our lives.
But then, like I said,
at the end, right before twelve a.m.
you have your grapes and your wine
and your bullshit and your lies
as you tell yourself that you
will not make those mistakes again.

But you make them, it happens
and honestly, it doesn't matter.
You'll have the ending of the year
to reflect on all those things you did.

And one might think to make amends
but it's too late, the year's dead, my friend.
All that's left is to hope for the best
and see what happens in the year that comes next.

Ah, it is almost over,
and I'm already feeling the hangover
of this nice and cruel year.

And with this, my Words A Day leave me
as I'm leaving them.
It's the end and the end, for me and for them,
the poems I've written, and the poems I've bled,
as they signify the reflections of a bored soul
in a boring, dull, redundant, empty world.

Yes, my soul will die today, in sorrow.
But I have this glimmer of hope,
that it'll be reborn by tomorrow.