Have you ever had that feeling, a moment where something didn't feel right? But you did it anyway. I had that feeling right before, well before I died. Walking home from my friend's house never was a bad idea. I did it so many times I could walk with my eyes closed all the way home. But this last time felt different. It was hot and sunny, birds singing and kids playing tag outside. I smiled and laughed with my best friend as we both made little designs on the ground with sticks. My friend (Clara) pointed out a man standing by the stop sign near her house. He was in all black; his hood was up blocking a view to his face and had a strange look to him. I brushed it off told her she was crazy, I really wish I would have listened. Clara keep asking me about my bruises on my face and arms but I couldn't tell her my parents did this to me it would have broken her heart and broken my chance of ever seeing my friends, and my innocent sister who I must protect from the wild fists thrown our way. So I told her to drop it. My voice seemed furious coming out of my mouth. Her face was scared and horrified so I had to leave. The man never left and I felt uneasy leaving with my little sister but I had to get away from people who care so much about me cause I know they will soon find the truth. Clara hugged me pouring her heart into it before letting me leave.

The man didn't follow us at first; he didn't even look my way when I crossed the street with my sister's hand in mine. But after I lost sight of him he must have followed. My home was only a block away on the old dirt road before it happened. Only one block, this man couldn't let me walk one more block with my sister home. I was distracted by my sister's whine that pulled me to stop. She was crying because she didn't want to go home. I didn't want to either. My back was turned from the man, I was facing my sisters beautiful face wiping the tears falling from her eyes. I bent down to see her eyes but they were looking to the distance, over my shoulder and to something else. Before I could talk or even act on anything I saw the man in my sister's eyes run up behind me and slam my head to the ground with a rock. I hit the ground hard but I saw my sister run as fast as she could run with her 7 year old legs home. She made it far but wasn't fast enough when the man reached her. He tied her hands and mouth with cloth and slammed her head with the same rock he used to hit me. She went limp immediately in his arms. I screamed as loud as I could for her, for help but nothing worked. The man throws my sister to the ground and rushed to me. I looked him dead in the eye and punched his face. The man was shocked by my action but only for a second because he was soon on top of me holding me to the ground. I could no longer hear anything only the sound of my heart beating in my chest. The man's eyes looked into mine and I saw anger, confusion, and fear. His dark blue orbs tore into mine and I couldn't look away. How could he be so evil? He's just like my parents and I will not stand for it. I have to save my sister.

"HELP PLEASE, get off of me you monster!" My words only caused him to become furious with me.

"Do you think I'm a monster? How dare you think I'm a monster?" I could hardly breathe with his weight pressed against my stomach. After struggling for a while I looked him in his dark, cold eyes and spit into his face. "You little bitch!" The man punched me in the face, the stomach then my chest. I couldn't even scream because the pain was too much to bear. The whole time I looked this man in the eyes with such anger it hurt my face to keep the look. But one look at my sister's still limp body made me crazy. I kicked him so hard in the gut that he bent down in pain. I ran to my sister. The bump on her head looked like it could have done a lot of damage. I picked her up and ran to the closes house I saw. I knocked and when women answered the door she looked frightened.

"Please help a man is trying to hurt us. My sister is hurt bad please, please help." The women grabbed my sister when I felt a pain in my gut. I looked down to see a knife sticking out of my stomach. I clutched it tightly as blood stained my blue shirt. A scream was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.