"Sage I don't know if I can save her." My eyes widened and I fell to the soft, white carpet.

"Please help her?" The tears in my eyes started to fall down my cheek.

"I promise Sage I will but I don't know if it will be enough to save her." His words took full effect on me and I couldn't move. Being in the afterlife was just like being on Earth. I still have feelings and my heart still pounds I just can't see my sister anymore. But if I don't help her soon she will be here too. I closed my eyes wanting to just be with my sister when the T.V. flashed on and I could hear my sister. "Sage? Are you thinking about your sister?" I nodded. "Sage, stop doesn't think about her! You don't know your powers. If you think about her to hard she is going to hear your thoughts. Stop Sage, Stop!" I immediately opened my eyes to see Lewis only a couple of inches from my face, his warm, chocolate brown eyes stared at mine.

"Are you okay?"

"Yea I'm fine just a little confused. I thought I was allowed to send her a message when I wanted to?" He raised his eyebrows before pulling me up off the ground.

"Sage you have only been here for an hour at the most and you already want to try and send messages to Earth. Wow, that's kind of awesome."

"I still don't understand and you're not helping." I rested my hands on my hip and glared at him.

Lewis laughed, "Oh, come on I'll explain everything." With that said he grabbed my hand and took me out of the room.

"It's about time I get some answers around here." I tried to keep my voice strong but failed by giggling. I hate when I giggle it sounds like I'm a little girl laughing at something stupid. Lewis, on the other hand, liked my giggle. "Your laugh is cute you know that right?"

"Shut up!" We both laughed before stepping outside my door. The sun shined in my eyes and the smell of fresh ocean breeze filled my nose. The warm peaceful meadow has disappeared to a beach. The sand was hot to the touch and the blazing sun took me a couple of blinks to get used to it. Lewis squeezed my hand tightly as he pulled me to the ocean. The sand felt nice to my cold feet but every step I felt a sharp stab. Dumb seashells go away! Just go away! With my thought said all the seashells hiding in the sand disappeared leaving the warm, soft sand in its place. "Wow."

Lewis laughed as he continued to lead me to the ocean water. "Amazing huh?"

I chuckled, "Yea it sure is. One minute I'm stepping on sharp shells the next its warm sand. Just because of a thought."

"Yea, well that's how it works here."

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Yea Sage anything."

"What the hell am I supposed to do here?" I've been here for an hour and I already managed to almost mess everything up.

"Ha. You really want answers don't you?" Yes, finally. My silent said it all so he continued to tell me about this wonderful place I'm in. "Well you already know about the whole 'living here till your time is up' thing so I'll go from there. So let's start with the basics. You still eat and sleep and do everything you did as a human on Earth but now you watch after a kid and can mainly do anything you want. Age doesn't really matter only the years till you leave. So you will never grow and never look older. I mean look at me I've been here for 3 years and I don't look a day over 15." I could help but giggle at him as he winked at me. "You have powers like everyone else. But for some reason your powers are strong. It took me over a week to master the power of thought and imagination and you're over here taking shells out of the ground with one thought. Okay anyway, the powers we have help with the kid we are assigned. Like how I'm assigned your sister. You'll be assigned a kid and you have to help change their faith before they... they die." I nodded even though hearing about young kids die is something I don't really want to continue on. "The people who assign you a kid give you about 4 months to change their faith after that it can be a matter of seconds before they die. They don't really try to help us; they just sit back and watch us suffer with the kid's death. For your sake Sage I really hope your kid stays alive it's the worse feeling ever when you have to look the kid right in the eye everyday as you see them walk down the street." I couldn't help but think the last comment was to me. "I hate them so much for assigning us kids that they know don't stand a chance. But do they care? No, it's fun to them to have all this power yet the world down there is suffering." I couldn't help but think who "they" was.

"Who are you talking about when you say 'they'?"

"I don't know. No one does really. They are just powerful spirits that live up in the sky above us."

"Why don't they help?"

"No one knows. They just keep to themselves. Now back to our powers. You'll have to read a book about learning the ways of an angel. Then you will be assigned a kid. Your book should be back at home waiting for you to read." I can't believe I have to read. I hate reading. I only read one series in my life time but it was only because my friend would not shut up until I read it. I officially hate all vampires and werewolves. Lewis's laughing pulled me out of my thoughts. "What?"

"You have this look on your face... Ha-ha... if you could only see it you look like you want to just kill someone." I grunted at him making the face again this time it's to him.

"Well I don't want to read a book. Just tell me what's in it." He pretend to wipe a tear then looked at me with those beautiful eyes. Stop Sage. Don't think like that your dead for crying out loud. There is no future here so Stop! I can't help but wish there is a future for me and Lewis but I know that can't happen.

"I wish I could help you in your lazy needs but I can't. Every book is different because it's meant for their power needs. By the way your already it's going to be a big book. Like how mine was big and long, because I need to learn more about how powerful my power is." He stopped for a moment and noticed someone in the corner of his eyes. "And Lisa her book was small and had pictures because, to be honest, she's not the brightest." Before he could react a small hand hit the side of his head, hard by the sound it made.

"Owwhhh!" Lewis whined in pain. "That hurt!"

"Good, I heard you talk about me."

"You were supposed to I heard you coming. For being so small you sure do make a lot of noise." This earned him another slap in the head. "Stop, you hit like a dude."

Her face seemed hurt, "Take that back and all the other stuff." The tone in her voice seemed angry and sad. Lewis noticed but did not give up the fight.

"I shall not." Lisa growled then stepped forward to hit Lewis again. He got up and ran before her fist could strike. I couldn't help but laugh as my new friends ran down the beach water, her after him.

"Come here and take it like a man! What are you scared?" The tone in her voice said she was determined to get him back.

"Never and why would I be scared of a little princess?"

"I don't know you sure are running like a damsel in distress!"

He stopped and turned, Lisa bumped into him before she could stop herself. "Your right why am I running when I can do this..." He grabbed her arms and tossed her over his shoulders. He started to walk to the water to toss her in. I couldn't stop laughing as she screamed and begged to be put down. Her legs kicking him everywhere but he seemed to not notice.

"No, Lewis don't. The water is cold. No, no, no..." Suddenly the clear sky filled with dark clouds and the wind picked up. My head felt dizzy and my eye lids felt heavy. I closed them to catch a glimpse of my sister on the floor. I opened them again but fell backwards and fainted to see an all too clear image of my sister. "No, no, no, please stop." I could hear the pain in her voice as my father bend down to hit her cheek with that damn paddle. "Why should I stop?"

"Please it hurts. Daddy pleases." He didn't seem to care about the tears rolling down her face. I wanted to run to my little sister and stop my father from hitting her again. But I couldn't, I COULDN'T DO ANYTHING. I just had to watch as this image in my head played along as if I was watching a movie. If only.

The little girl I know to be Annabelle looked in the sky and whispered my name. "Sage please come back and help." The door burst open. Her face lift up but was disappointed to see my mother standing in the door way.

"What the hell are you doing?" My mother ran to my sister and grabbed her face in her hands. "What have I told you? Hit the parts that don't show! I swear I'm living with idiots." My sister found her chance to run to our save place. She ran as fast as her little 7 year old legs would carry her up the stairs and to my old room. She grabbed the door of my old closet and nearly ran inside. Her favorite book I made up for her was sitting in the corner next to her favorite teddy bear and my favorite picture of her and me. "Oh Sage, why did you go? I need you." She wiped her tears with the bear she hugged to her small frame. She grabbed our made up book and turned to the first page. "Once upon a time there was a small little girl who lived in this magical castle with her older sister and evil parents." Annabelle's tears stained the pages of the notebook. "She was so small and so beautiful everyone loved her. So when her parents were mean she didn't understand. Her sister told her it's because they are to evil for someone so pure but she still felt sad. Her sister loved her so much it made up for her parents lack of love." She keep reading the story out loud and running her finger along the pictures we created together. Then she faded to black and I was left to stare at the dark screen.

"Is she going to be okay?" I keep my eyes closed but I could still her Lisa's voice.

"She will be fine." That voice must have been Max's because it is too deep to be Lewis. Where am I? Okay so I'm not at the beach because now I can't hear the waves of the water and I'm lying on a bed. Where am I?

"I just saw Sage's little sister get beat up by her father." Lewis came through doors and was painting really hard. I sat up straight to the new news.

"You're okay!" Lisa was way too excited to see me awake. She even hugged me. I looked to Lewis who was still painting by the wall.

"Is Annabelle okay? Where am I? What just happened to me? Was that a vision?" My voice was fast but everyone seemed to understand what I was saying. Is it me or is everyone asking a lot of questions today? Max was the first to answer my questions.

"You're in the A.E.R. 'The Angel Emergency Room' and your fine. Since you don't know about your powers you got overwhelmed by the power a vision can give you." He then said something I never wanted to hear. "Everything in your vision happens and by the way you shoot up to Lewis' news I'm guessing it was about your sister." I nodded too weak to speak anymore.

Lisa suddenly started to talk before Max could continue. "Yea, this place is for when angels over do things. Like when we are watching a kid and don't eat or sleep for more than a week we faint and have to come here. Or in your case when a new comer uses their powers before reading the book." There that book is again. "Being an angel is hard."

"I'll say" Lewis says from across the room still painting.

"Oh shut up. Sage you had a really powerful vision and you couldn't help but faint. It happens to almost every angel so..." Before she could finish I feel back again to see a vision this one worse than before.

"Please Daddy stop I-I didn't do anything."

"Yes you did you worthless child you caused your sister to die. She was the only thing that keeps you safe and now since she is gone no one is her to stop me." My father hit her again and again with his hands causing the little girl to fall to the ground into a ball and cry.

"Mommy said not to hit me in the face anymore." He seemed angry and throws a glass bottle to her back.

"I don't care what your mother said to you!" My father ran out of the room and left my sister crying on the floor with shattered glass all around her. She sure is braver since I left. Before she use to run behind the couch and cry as she heard me scream at my parents for hurting us and then taking the paddle to the face or the glass bottle to the back. But now that I am gone no one is there to stop them, no one is there to hold her tight as she cry's, no one is there to fix the wound and read her the story. Now that I'm gone no one is there to save this little girl before she is gone off of Earth and joins the afterlife.