Hey :D Happy New Years'! Sorry it took so long to post this, we didn't write this in time so we just wrote this up really quick for you!

Explanation and Background to clear up some confusion: The characters were from our Toxic universe, which we haven't posted very many things from yet. Almost all of our stories tie together somehow, and if they don't, we typically say they are in a different universe. So this explanation probably won't make much sense, but in the short one-shot type thing we posted with Jason and Andrew (Something about the Maid's outfit, I believe?) Jason, Andrew, Kyle, and Jake are a foursome. They went to Vegas at one point, which is how they met Max, Micah, Bradley, Nicolas, and Lexius. Tai was a bartender that Kyle and Andrew met, and Jason somehow helped set Tai up with the others because Max thought he was cute. - Abby

Tai purred softly, cuddling closer to Max, eyes closed as he listened to the crowds cheering outside.
They were sitting in the back room of his shop, his new employee manning the counter while he and his lovers stayed in the back.
It wasn't very nice of him, but Bradley and Max had told him it was okay to stay with them if only this once.

Micah was curled up in Bradley's lap as the older male pet him, looking around silently.
Max purred and wrapped an arm around Tai gently, looking over at Micah.
"Micah, don't pout like that. Your face will freeze that way. Besides, it's New Years. Lex will be back soon..."

The newest member of their orgy smiled, cuddling to Max and purring softly, shivering from the cook hair of the room.
He smiled at Micah, his long hair still up in his usual bun, and his glasses slightly skewed from pressing his face against Max earlier.

Max hummed quietly, smiling at Micah when the other boy quit pouting.
"Good boy..."
Bradley chuckled, petting Max, "You're the Pet, Max."

Tai giggled softly, looking at them happily, staying quiet and watching them.

Max stuck his tongue out.
"No. I'm the spoiled bitch."
Bradley rolled his eyes, "You definitely are..."
Max giggled, then kissed Tai's forehead. "Mmm, we're bad at celebrating..."

His lover giggled softly again, smiling.
"I don't think so..."

Nicolas snorted, drawing their attention to the corner he was hanging around.
"Really now?"

Tai shook his head, purring.
"It's different, the way you celebrate. It's special."

Nicolas purred, smiling when Lexius entered the room.
"Lexi-baby," he grinned, going over to him and kissing his cheek, before the two went to sit next to Bradley and Micah.
Micah purred, smiling and crawling into his lover's lap quickly, nuzzling him gently.
"Mm, hello, Micah..." He purred, chuckling softly.
Bradley grinned, kissing his cheek. "Hey, Lex. We missed you."

The brunet next to Max purred, smiling at the newest arrival almost shyly.

Lexius smirked, winking at Tai and pulling Micah closer.
"You five are all so quiet..."

Tai blushed brightly, purring and nuzzling Max.

Max giggled, "That's just because it's a holiday."
"No, we usually celebrate better than this," Bradley added in.
Micah nodded, "Remember the Fourth of July?"
They all went quiet for a moment, before Nicolas smirked. "Point made."
Max nodded, "Mhm...Anyway. This holiday is special."

Tai blinked, tilting his head.
"What happened on the Fourth of July...?"

Max giggled softly, pulling Tai close to him and whispering in his ear what had happened.

Tai went a brighter red than he had in a while, squeaking and covering his face with his hands.

Micah giggled, "Mhm."
Bradley snorted, nuzzling Tai gently, "You're really cute, Tai..."

"'m-m not cuuuute..." Tai whined, cracking his fingers slightly to look at him, biting his lip to try and hide his smile.

Max giggled, rolling his eyes and kissing Tai's cheek.
"Are too."

The other brunet blushed, shaking his head, closing his fingers.

Max and Bradley laughed quietly.
Micah smiled, moving to Nicolas' lap so that Lexius could get up.
The oldest of the group hummed quietly, sitting on Tai's other side and wrapping his arms around him, smirking slightly.
"Tai, baby?"

Tai purred without thinking about it, glancing at Lexius, still red.

Lexius smirked, nuzzling him and whispering softly, "You're adorable."

The younger boy whined loudly, blushing and shaking his head, hiding his face again.
"'m noooooot..."

Lexius chuckled, raising an eyebrow and leaning down to whisper in his ear where only he could hear, "If you don't agree with us, I might just have to seduce you into it, Tai."

Tai blushed again, looking at him through his fingers, whimpering softly, "'ho-how wou-would th-that work?"
He squeaked, realizing what he said too late, hiding his face again, whining.

Lexius chuckled, smirking at him.
"Do you really wanna find out?"

The brunet hesitated, then slowly dropped his hands, looking at his lap and nodding slightly.

Lexius smirked, looking at the others, deciding to let them know what was up.
"Mmm, you guys wanna help me seduce Tai?"
Micah blushed slightly, purring as he looked at them, "Mmk..."
Max giggled softly, nodding as well, then nuzzling Tai.
"Can we play with you then, love?"

Tai hesitated, then purred loudly, "Y-yes..."

Lexius smirked, watching as Micah and Bradley traded places, so that Micah, Max, and he were surrounding Tai as they touched him.

Tai whimpered, purring loudly as he relaxed, letting his lovers do what they wanted.
"H-happy New Years'..." he whispered softly, toes curling slightly at the pleasant feelings they were causing.

"Happy New Years'," his lovers purred back at him, each one kissing him gently in different pleasure points.
Nicolas smiled, looking over at them fondly before pulling Bradley on top of him and kissing the other boy.
Max smiled, moving to sit in Tai's lap and kiss him gently.
"Happy New Years', Tai..."

Tai smiled, purring loudly as he lightly kissed Max, happy and relaxed, in the arms of his lovers.